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Hope this helps you dude


battle of Balaklava(possible) deployment(page 23)

6th Light Cavalry Division comprised of :
Kiev (11TH)Hussars
Shako Red,Dolman Dark Green,Pelisse dark Green, Lace Yellow,Greatcoat collar Dark Green ,Shoulder straps Red,Horses were Chestnuts.

Ingermanland (12th)Hussars(only 6 squadrons present)
Shako light Blue,Pelisse Light Blue, Lace Yellow,Greatcoat collar Light Blue ,Shoulder straps Light Blue horses were black.

BTW - Teh 53rd Don Cossacks supported Ingermanland Hussars when they attacked 93rd Scotish

Mounted Cossacks protected both of this Divisions flanks.The book is full of these things etc good luck.