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Re: Russian hussars Crimean WAR

Hi Rob,

do you need details for every Russian hussar unit or do you want to make a special one?


Re: Re: Russian hussars Crimean WAR

M. Taylor see osprey crimea war 241 men at arms series book Table #4 page 7.there are 14 different hussars regiments all details color facings etc given in detail.

Re: Russian hussars Crimean WAR

Thanks for info. I guess I'm looking at those who fought at Balaklava got the list in some book somewhere!

Hope this helps you dude


battle of Balaklava(possible) deployment(page 23)

6th Light Cavalry Division comprised of :
Kiev (11TH)Hussars
Shako Red,Dolman Dark Green,Pelisse dark Green, Lace Yellow,Greatcoat collar Dark Green ,Shoulder straps Red,Horses were Chestnuts.

Ingermanland (12th)Hussars(only 6 squadrons present)
Shako light Blue,Pelisse Light Blue, Lace Yellow,Greatcoat collar Light Blue ,Shoulder straps Light Blue horses were black.

BTW - Teh 53rd Don Cossacks supported Ingermanland Hussars when they attacked 93rd Scotish

Mounted Cossacks protected both of this Divisions flanks.The book is full of these things etc good luck.