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In a near future I´ll own Waterloo 1815 Japanese Infantry.The problem is.....
Wich are the right colours to paint a Japanese flame thrower?
Vallejo´s references are apreciated

Jap Flamethrower

I would guess a grubby olive/khaki paint job for the tanks and barrel and a black hose. Same sort of dirty color as the uniforms.

Re: Jap Flamethrower

I do not think that the uniform colour were dirty ,maybe kaki but not dirty,anyway Japanese people used to be very clean.I have japanese friends.

Re: Re: Jap Flamethrower

With the best will in the world fighting a war in jungle or other tropical climate means you cant keep up with your laundry. All armies would have had clothing that was often wet, frequently dirty and usually faded too. If your Japs are to fight in China then they might be better turned out.

Equipment such as flamethrowers would have suffered all the usual bumps and knocks like anything else and therefore be far from pristine.

Re: Re: Re: Jap Flamethrower

Roger Jon!!!
I get it!Anyway is an intresting topic.