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More CW Turkish Delight/Brittish Guards

pleasant surprise /Russian forum

some illustrations of Turkish CW and Photos i not seen before.

If you cant read russian go to look for babelfish and copy the aabove website address ino translate webpage.
babel will translate all 3 pages .
The trnslation is not pure but legible.Scroll down for some cool images.page2 especially

Also search for Brittish Guards by artist search using

MANY OTHERs in this site etc

Re: More CW Turkish Delight/Brittish Guards

Hi Hank,

a very good link, many thanks. Massies book is great and has numbers of paintings from an eyewitness. I can only tell you to buy this book.

Hargraves book about the true heroes of Balaclava is part of my collection from the times when I was a member of the Crimean war research socitey and it is the best I've ever seen about the Turks. The CWRC is something I would commend to you, they have excellent stuff to offer - but only for members...

British Empire is an extremely good source for the Indian army.


Re: Re: More CW Turkish Delight/Brittish Guards

thanks for heads up on the books Uwe,I will sniff some copies of them out.I got teh Eureka 18mm figures today in mail .Yes too Small for integrating as anticipated but at least but i have good figures to practice painting uniform color schemes on and matching with other figures for converting etc .

Their Chasseurs D'Afrique are VERY nice models also, but as they say back in old Valetta harbor, size matters.If only they made them in 20mm ...big sigh

Today Naval and military(thanks Old John for pointing me to them) parcel arrived and got me stuck into reading "Defence of Kars" by Col Lake. What a good gaming campaign this will be.