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Re: Re: Question

I agree with Ken. Furthermore, I suggest you follow PSR's suggestion for the colour table - which means dark blue for Prussians - as this seems to be a well thought out compromise that would satisfy most people.
I'm very exicited about your announcement to start production of Prussians for the 1813 campaign. I won't bother you with my wish-list, but could you elaborate a bit on your plans?

Re: Re: Re: Question

I prefer black for Prussian units. Dark blue is too close to the French colour.

Also white for Austria.

Producers seem very reluctant to use black and white plastic, presumably for painting considerations.

On this subject, how much of an inconvenience is it to produce a set in several colours? Would this add significantly to production costs?

Re: Question = Airfix Blue-Grey

To Everyone,

I think what Hank and Pierre are talking about regarding Airix colors/Airfix Blue-Grey can be seen in the follwing two links.

My favorite color is for WWI Airfix Germans, of which mine came in the Type IV Box. In the first link (WWI Ger) look for the machine gun base to see the best color (Note: some original Airfix sets came in a very Dark-Blue-Grey, and HaT-Airfix in Light-Grey and a Colonial Tan).

The second link is for all of Eric Williamson's Airfix site - It is the "Airfix Collector's Guide" to see all sets. Pierre can maybe see the Landwher and other WWII German sets in this attractive Blue-Grey color - enjoy:'sguide.html

Re: Question

Landwehr blue would be my favorite, especially if we can expect more Landwehr units.

Blue or blue-gray, as long as it is a different blue from the french, but

anything but gray or tan.

Three cheers to the painting crowd that's willing to defer the color selection to us non painters. Hip hip horay! Hip hip horay! Hip hip horay!

Re: Blue or blue-gray, as long as it is a different blue from the french, but

I completely agree with Scott - 3 Cheers to everyone!

I am also fascinated by the excellent suggestions of colors made by everybody. I really like the idea of a range of colors produced, even within one army. This would make for a great collection.

I would even like to see the Crimean armies done in a few colors, as we've recently discussed, 17th Lancers in Blue to go with Heavies in Terracotta Red.

The choice of plastic and colors S*R uses is excellent. The figurines are always a nice, flat color which shows details well.

The CW British Heavies were the first set which really caught my eye and made me look at the fine S*R sculpting. Still, I love those helmets with the pointed front and fine accoutrement details and they remain one of my favorite sets (with other CW sets) to this day!

Re: Re: Blue or blue-gray, as long as it is a different blue from the french, but

Wow, 1813 prussians in strelets output: a dream about to come true! Dark blue would be fine.



Re: Blue or blue-gray, as long as it is a different blue from the french, but

We're in this together, Scott.
If you non-painters didn't buy your share of figures, who knows how small the market would be.
I think a possible minor inconvenience with undercoating is the least we can do.

Re: Question

my choice would be flat black or a dark charcoal gray. the original HAT Uhlans were made of that color & it looked fantastic! i know a lot of people will dsiagree with this, but many Prussian units of the time wore black & it will be a nice contrast to the current colors to other army's sets.

Re: Question

I'd go for medium blue or grey.

Re: Re: Question

I came late to the party but count me in as saying whatever color the non-painting crowd prefers is fine by me. Once the primer starts flying they're all the same to these eyes.

Nice of SR to ask, as always.