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Is it true no master figures for CW Grenadiers Riflemen or Turkish Inf

Is the question i'd like to ask.

Hats off to the VMS - Turkish Uniforms

Victorian Military Society show CW Turks Infantry cavalry and artillery - in their archive.

Turkish Uniforms of the Crimean Era as depicted by General Vanson By C.A. Norman
(Reproduced from SOTQ issue 85)

Four very helpful web pages with quite alot of CONTEMPORARY detail.
Article from Soldiers of teh Queen issue 85(not on sale.. pity).

Wonder what other info they have on teh Turks.

Re: Hats off to the VMS - Turkish Uniforms

Wow, Hank! I really enjoyed the - "Turkish Uniforms of the Crimean Era as depicted by General Vanson" Parts I-IV.

I especially like the guys with narrow fez's, big backpacks, and was surprised to see one wearing what looks like a French Foreign Legionnair's long coat with turned-back bottom.

I've book-marked it and will return to it to read all the printed text next.

I always remain looking forward to the time when the S*R Team begins releasing the Crimean Turkish soldiers. There are many great-looking uniforms in your link.


Excellent link, thank you!

Re: Hats off to the VMS - Turkish Uniforms

Great sourcing Hank.
Now perhaps I won't have to mention the Crimean Infantry.

Re: Re: Hats off to the VMS - Turkish Uniforms

Read "Crimean Blunders" by Peter Gibbs last week. Explained alot of observations i had about teh campaign.the author discussed the invasion map reading errors off and onshore and bungling decisions made by Raglan and his officer peers.

the Duke of Cambridge fled from his Guards to safety and failED to order the French battalion arriving to support teh Brittish at Inkerman behind teh cut off Brittish Guards,who refrained to join the fight as no french general (stress)had ordered them to actually engage the Russians. Such hilarities sure makes the Turkish look good.