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New Russian WWI Infantry

Obviously, only box art so far but the winter guys look very interesting for use in the RCW - I was never happy with Hat WWI Russians being used as Red troops and the new Strelets version look as though they will be much more the ticket. I hesitate to put in another request but how about some Russian naval infantry for WWI/RCW? Iconic troops as far as the RCW is concerned and could possibly represent naval landing parties for various nations. What d'ya think?

Re: New Russian WWI Infantry

I second that! At the moment busy with reading the two Ospreys about the Russian Civil war. Those winter chaps indeed would work well for RCW. And those summer chaps too, with some head swaps. Naval infantry, Checka troops in leather coats, Freikorps troops, Polish, Japanese, Western intervention troops, White troops in a mixture of western supplied and old Tsarist uniforms and equipment, etc. The ww1 cavalry sets too work well for this period.


Re: Re: New Russian WWI Infantry

Technically only about 1 in 5 Russian troops should have a rifle.
The rest should be standing waiting to run forward and grab a gun when a comrade drops...