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Re: Re: Re: Russo Turkish wars

Hi guys,

Interesting thoughts.
I agree with Head for the guns Hank.
Why opening a new range (with 1877 Turkish uniforms being quite different from those worn in the CW) ?
Without CW Turks the fantastic Strelets CW range is incomplete and I don't like loose ends.

So why make 1877 Turks (if CW Turks won't sell ???) unless .... and this is only a wild gues ... the 1877 Turkish uniform is (like Uwe mentioned) actually a Zouave uniform .... and Strelets has already made French Zouave sets ... so ??? (the research already done, same figs but more with a Fez ???)

PS. the Egyptian uniform (Waterloo 1815) looks a bit like the 1877 Turkish uniform of the artillery).

PS. For CW Sardinian/Piedmontese troops I use Bersaglieri (Waterloo 1815).