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Re: Russo Turkish wars

you are planning a russo-Turkish war, aint you Strelets?
Realy looking forward to those sets!



Re: Re: Russo Turkish wars

mY FINDINGS, for 1815 wATERLOO (okay Hat Italy really says the small print)the figures are too small in detail for the average painter (typical of italian products and food such mean portions ).The figures are too labor intensive for teh convertiNG.Scale used to design was too exact.

rUSSO tURK WARS - Well if Strelets dont think CW Turks will sell then, what hope is there for Russo Turkish war.

I strongly believe there is no point collecting the Crimean War range without Turkish figures or Sardinians. be like a ww1/ww2 without South Africa ,Canada Anzac forces.

Re: Russo Turkish wars

Re Waterloo?hat ok point taken.
Re major wars:
WW1 if you are portaying the Middle Eastern front then I suppose Anzac troop swould be useful. In the trenches I would have thought they wore standard helmets?
A basdic Russo turkish was set up would not require too many intial sets. obviously Turks would need to be includedhere!!

Re: Re: Russo Turkish wars

The Russo-Turkish war would give us a lot of possibilities for conversions. The Russian infantry uniforms was very much like the 1870 German, just with a cap instead of a helmet.

The Turks mostly had a kind of Zouave uniform which would make our ACW friends happy.

Beside this there are a lot of interesting units, cavalry and above all the Volunteers which would give us enough material to convert figures into other 19th century conflicts.

Waterloo's 1815 Egyptians give us an opportunity to convert Turks for the 1897 war against Greece and for 1911 Lybia.

I hope that Strelets will bring a good range of 1877 figures as well as other Russo-Turkish conflicts.
My personal favourite would be Suworows campaign in the 1790ies with the Russian in Potiemkin uniform.

Äh - and Strelets - Don't forget the CW Turks which we all want to have


Re: Re: Re: Russo Turkish wars

Hi guys,

Interesting thoughts.
I agree with Head for the guns Hank.
Why opening a new range (with 1877 Turkish uniforms being quite different from those worn in the CW) ?
Without CW Turks the fantastic Strelets CW range is incomplete and I don't like loose ends.

So why make 1877 Turks (if CW Turks won't sell ???) unless .... and this is only a wild gues ... the 1877 Turkish uniform is (like Uwe mentioned) actually a Zouave uniform .... and Strelets has already made French Zouave sets ... so ??? (the research already done, same figs but more with a Fez ???)

PS. the Egyptian uniform (Waterloo 1815) looks a bit like the 1877 Turkish uniform of the artillery).

PS. For CW Sardinian/Piedmontese troops I use Bersaglieri (Waterloo 1815).