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Re: Re: Re: Question

I am here in Seattle, WA, USA, don't post hardly at all but been reading the forums since the one on the MMM site. I really like as others have stated that you use consistant colors and have soft plastic. Unfortunatly due to having been laid off and out of work for the first time in a 25 year security career I have no disposable income. But I still look at the sets and read the posttings and fantazize about winning the lottery. Also as others have stated there will most likely never exist a time when we are all staisfied. Take for example my wish lsit; I could never be satified until a really decent WWII US Marine Corps set is put out. All current product is to be polite, garbage and also we need a decent set of Viet Nam Mariens with out having to assemble them for 5 hours. I am old school, no assembely desired or reguired. Thanks for your products.
Jon R

Re: Re: Re: Re: Question

I'm here too. Unless I have something useful to add I normally just like to read what others are doing. Keep up the good work.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Question

Having been to Hawaii for a week, I'm back now.

Re: Question

I look regularly at th e Forum but I have little to say because I would not like to keep asking about the Crimean War British Grenadiers and I won't mention the Turkish Infantry

Re: Question

I often look at the forum but haven't contributed before as everyone else's military knowledge is way ahead of mine.
I can find out just about anything I need to know just by looking on here,plus a whole load of stuff I didn't even realise I wanted to know.
Keep up the good work Strelets.

Re: Question

"Or is it just a sign that all possible wishes have been fulfilled by the industry"

Quite the reverse I'm still waiting for the WWI British cavalry....You can never have enough variation, its my opinion that what makes Strelets special is their 40+ pose original philosophy, its good that you can fill some of the gaps with the 12 pose infantry sets but much more interesting with 40+ these are great sets and I wish I could buy more of about a roman field camp for instance something along the lines of the french army camp or a WW1 medical and civilian set with some off duty servicemen etc....