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1 figure we need!

A lot of emphasis has been placed on people wanting specific character figures, mostly of great Commanders, famous people & most recently beings of mythology, but there is one character figure missing & it's one i'm surprised collectors of Napoleonics hve never asked for.There was a French Guard Pioneer responsible for smashing the gates at Hougoumont. Tho we have a few pioneers given us thru various sets, none are ever wielding their axes. This event has been immortalized by several artists, but we have never been given the pivotal figure. I'm sure that a pioneer actually using his ax would be a welcome figure for many reasons, so it would not be a lone useless figure, but mostly for use in Waterloo!

Re: 1 figure we need!

What happened to him?

Re: 1 figure we need!

He was Sous Lieutenant Legros of the 1st company, 2nd battalion, 1st Legere Reg. Known to his men as L'enfonceur. He, axe in hand, managed to cut his way in through the North gate of Hougoumont, with a few dozen men behind him. The british momentarily panicked, but when no more french followed up the tide turned quickly. A colonel Wyndham and a few other coldstream officer managed to retake control of the gate, and Legros and all his men were cut off and killed to a man. The only frenchman who survived was a young drummer boy who the british spared.

Re: Re: 1 figure we need!

We need Hannibal Barcas !