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Re: Question

still here

Re: Question

Dear S*R Team,

I, personally, see your company and it's products as being very high-quality, especially because your soldiers are of a nice, soft platic, and in an excellent color!

It is not to say that other companies are working hard to offer thier customers "soft" plastic, but still, you have offered your sets in consistent colors, especially the Crimean War Range.

I do support you, and always will, and others too who produce the sets I have always wished for, but your customers are still here, and I think simply enjoy contributing to other forums, as well as yours.

But you ask ... " ... Or is it just a sign that all possible wishes have been fulfilled by the industry?"

No way! Get real. You can not retire any time soon!

Thanks for asking S*R Team!, but get back to work ... !!!

Re: Re: Question

You don't get rid of me that easily, strelets!
I stay a gamer & a painter till they pry the latest box of Strelets' figures out of my dead hand.

Re: Re: Re: Question

The Forum's "Old Guard" are still here. It's encouraging to see new names, too. Perhaps a "Young Guard" is forming! En avant, Strelets! La Garde ne recule pas!

Re: Re: Re: Question

Paul G. from Belgium (formerly known as Paul Gyselinck) is also still here ........not a gamer nor a painter but a builder of armies.

Due to my job(very boring), two small children, a cat and a nagging wife but most of all due to the amount of new sets that appear every month (I buy them all and I buy multiple boxes) I hardly find the time to cut loose the figs from their sprues.

But I read the forum every day (a wonderfull source of information and good ideas).

Am I complaining ?????? No way .....I'm loving every minute of it.

Am I gonna stop buying new sets (even if they are allready on the market made by an other company) ????
No way !!!!!!!!

1/72 figs rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers from Belgium

Re: Re: Re: Re: Question

I'm still here, viewing often and contributing less so, but still buying lots of Strelets.

Re: Question

Like many people I read all of this forum but only occasionally post because my knowledge if nothing like that of the regular posters. I enjoy reading everything (the recent discussion on the Trojan War was particularly interesting) so just because you dont hear from me does not mean I am not here.

S*R you may safely assume there will never be a time when everything will have been made. I would really like to see you do all the sets you have already promised - particularly the Turks (and not just the infantry). After that there is plenty more that should sell.

It does seem output is dropped, with some companies stopping completely, so the market inevitably settles at the level it can sustain. I hope S*R keep developing their existing themes, and once they have been completed them they should start new ones. I would nominate 16th century Spanish and their enemies for a start.

Still here too!

I've been following all discussion daily with interest, just opt not to say much comments any more.

More importantly, I'm still a loyal customer of Strelets (Napoleonic in particular)

Re: Still here too!

I was formerly SaigonSaddler, so I've been here quite a while too.

Between playing/watching football and cricket, travelling around Asia, painting and wargaming and various other activities, some I best not mention, there is never enough time in the day!

Sometimes I post, usually I read. But I always enjoy it on here.

Re: Re: Still here too!

I've been here around since early days, and won't leave this forum of my favourite manufacturer.



Re: Re: Re: Still here too!

Every ,repeat,every day of my life since three years ago I enjoy this forum.On my opinion,the best one,you only have to see the quality of the "old guard".This place is an endless source of joy,interest and information.
Strelets,you are great and you,we,know that you are....but you are in your right about hearing us claim you.After all,you deserve it!!!
Hail Strelets,Hail friends of the forum.
For those about to 1/72.I salute you!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Still here too!

Hi Strelets,

the first thing in the morning when I arrive at work and started my PC is watching PSR. The next is your forum to discuss the news

Do you want us to post more topics? Tell us something about your future planes and I am sure we will!

Beside this for me personally it is waste of time to write long wishlists of sets I want to see. It would be a difference if you ask.

What I like on this forum is, that the discussions are mostly not booring but an exchange of knowledge (historical, painting, collecting, converting etc.)
That is what makes this forum so excellent. And of course all you guys here!


Re: Question

I just got a TON of your newest figure sets & were very happy with all! 33 boxes of about a dozen sets! they were all very nice & i was pleased to see that the sprues of the Turkish Seljukes seemed much more slender than any of your other sets. they were much easier to remove. I hope this is the shape of things to come & long overdue! been too busy carving them up, adding some to previous sets, putting other into their own box & labeling them. still not done, but having a ball!

Re: Re: Question

Visit every day and read all the posts usually while painting or working on some figures, never been a big poster on any forum.

Re: Re: Re: Question

I've posted here and there and from time to time. I really enjoy the forums, and usually keep up with what is going on. The forums are great as sources of information, discussion, and the knowledge that I'm not the only one like this!
Graduate school, however, is proving a bit harsh on my posting abilities. I now pretty much only post to respond to somebody else, and then only when I get really excited. Time, not interest, is what keeps me from getting on here more regularly.

Re: Question

I'm still around .... and am very impressed by your current output. No, you haven't fulfilled all my wishes just yet :)

Have a great day, Frank

Re: Re: Question

Still here but mostly read and only contribute when I think I have something worthwhile to say. Latest Muslim figures are great with the recent painted contribution really showing them off. Perhaps a time for you to consolidate a bit Strelets, finish off some ranges (Give Hank his CW Turks, pleeeease!)then conduct a poll for a new era, much like you have with the Crusades, in a few months you have taken that period from being very patchily covered (eg no Turcopoles before) into a period where you can get everything you need.

Re: Re: Re: Question

I don't post that much too here; but I still go to this forum(and Hat and PSR)early in the morning, and read almost all.

also still here ...

...even if I don't post regularly.

Still alive, collecting and also producing

By the way thanks for your great interest in the medieval period. I can not wait to see your knights.

Best regards

Re: Question

Still here and reading the forum every day. I just haven't had much to say lately, and my other hobbies, Star Wars, Gi Joe and 1/18 scale aircraft, have been keeping me busy. I keep hoping to get a glimpse of Turkish infantry or whatever else you plan to put in the March Big Box.

Keep up the good work!

Re: Question

Hello there! I like stretlets sculpting and how in infantry sets no pose is the same. but the downside of it all is that I am WWI-WWII gamer and collestor and I would definitely contribute alot more to stretlets if they released WWI infantry (I already have multiple boxes of WWI german cavalry now I'm anxiously awaiting some british and some french please!) and anything WWII I would love to see an allied set and hospital sets greatly. The customers are here you just can never settle you must always advance and break into new eras and time periods

Best Regards, Taylor Donlon USA

Re: Re: Question

I haven't been in the former group, but since I discover this forum I regularly take a look.

Only sometimes I find topics that I can partecipate with something I presume and hope constructive.
So many times I just give a look or read the answers only without to write. Often I don't repeat what's already sayed by someone more expert, especialy if I haven't anything more to say. I guess I'm not the only one. That could be another reason that may give the impression that many doesn't partecipate.

This forum seem to me more specialised and high level than most of the others, is not so full of interesting but pointless long discussions that could fit in off-topic sections, it may seem here's less partecipation, but much more specialised and proper, somewhere else you often see even grafomaiacs that waste time and space writing only "I don't know this or that..."
Well I prefer this way, is easyer to find the right topic if is not necessary to look between hundreds of topics. As well as to find the realy interesting replies between less and shorter posts.


Re: Re: Re: Question

I am here in Seattle, WA, USA, don't post hardly at all but been reading the forums since the one on the MMM site. I really like as others have stated that you use consistant colors and have soft plastic. Unfortunatly due to having been laid off and out of work for the first time in a 25 year security career I have no disposable income. But I still look at the sets and read the posttings and fantazize about winning the lottery. Also as others have stated there will most likely never exist a time when we are all staisfied. Take for example my wish lsit; I could never be satified until a really decent WWII US Marine Corps set is put out. All current product is to be polite, garbage and also we need a decent set of Viet Nam Mariens with out having to assemble them for 5 hours. I am old school, no assembely desired or reguired. Thanks for your products.
Jon R

Re: Re: Re: Re: Question

I'm here too. Unless I have something useful to add I normally just like to read what others are doing. Keep up the good work.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Question

Having been to Hawaii for a week, I'm back now.

Re: Question

I look regularly at th e Forum but I have little to say because I would not like to keep asking about the Crimean War British Grenadiers and I won't mention the Turkish Infantry

Re: Question

I often look at the forum but haven't contributed before as everyone else's military knowledge is way ahead of mine.
I can find out just about anything I need to know just by looking on here,plus a whole load of stuff I didn't even realise I wanted to know.
Keep up the good work Strelets.

Re: Question

"Or is it just a sign that all possible wishes have been fulfilled by the industry"

Quite the reverse I'm still waiting for the WWI British cavalry....You can never have enough variation, its my opinion that what makes Strelets special is their 40+ pose original philosophy, its good that you can fill some of the gaps with the 12 pose infantry sets but much more interesting with 40+ these are great sets and I wish I could buy more of about a roman field camp for instance something along the lines of the french army camp or a WW1 medical and civilian set with some off duty servicemen etc....