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Re: Re: Crimean War

Hi yes true. I think Turkish infantry are due out.
Was also referring to accounts of Heavy Brigade charge- well it was never actually a charge- where it does appear that what eventually forced the Russian withdrawal was action from I think a RHa battery.

Re: Re: Re: Crimean War

The Turksih Infabtry are supposedly "coming soon",chuckle. 3 years later .....Somehow i think it will be on my epitaph (one day )

Re: Re: Re: Re: Crimean War

Have you thought about converting existing figures?
From shako to fez?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Crimean War

Hi Rob, I'm on that, got the green stuff last week alot i sdown to painting though.I'm trying out 1815 (hat italy)austrian artillery to get the 12 pounders.
I have converted some Strelets CW French Light Infantry

Plus For CW Turkish Artillery (12pdr's / 9 pdr's)
Imex Union Artillery
Imex confederate artillery
Accurate/revell Union Artillery (I like lots of limbers )

For CW Turkish Infantry
Imex Union Infantry *
zouave heads(fez)

For CW Turkish Cavalry
Strelets Russian and German WW1 Hussars

Modifying head swap with some:

Emhars zouave ( fez)
Waterloo 1815 anglo-egyptian (fez)
Hat Egyptian Camel Corps ( fez when available)
*Plus single figures from other sets
Major pain in the proverbial,alot of set wastage just to get some figures.Luckily there is a few metal 20mm .

B&B METAL 20mm Turcos(Algerians in CW Turkish Army) figures look great.
have fun hank

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Crimean War

I would love to someday see:

British Royal Horse Artillery -

* Wearing the headgear like the Hussars
* Just the cannons and action crews
* Plus an officer on horseback with arm raised
* Blue plastic would be nice in this case (but for conversions, then the Terrocotta-Red would be fine too)

I fully support the idea of the Turkish sets, especially for the fez headgear. These sets really deserve their own place in the Campaign, and I'd love to have a full-set size box with lots of poses and themes - Officers, men, medics, couple of guys manning/assisting a cannon or mortar ...

The S*R Crimean Range all together is one of the finest Collections ever produced in 1/72 soft plastic and I'm "Happier than a Clam at High-Tide!" to have these sets in my collection. Any future sets shall make something which is already great, even greater.

Have a super weekend, and ...

Happy Collecting!

Fez-ing reality of conversions

Howdy Dave, this morning just finished some Austrian 1815(hat italy ortypical little italy figures small mean anmount of plastic on these figures , reminds me about teh spaghetti portions teaspoon of sauce to go arouns a whole bowl of da spaghetti((they romans invented the rip off.... chuckle)) measures we get here)infanterie and artillery figures with greeen stuff to extend skirted coats best i could .Despite adding green stuff figs are still small.Takes longer to convert and paint etc.

So far i prefer using teh French Light Infantrie(Strelets and cliping shako into a fez) as there is more plastic to work with and easier to paint hilite for effect.I will order a pile of acw figs(above) just to convert.

the 1815 guns are small so maybe i raise teh wheels using milliput on the base. I hope to have 4 artilery crews guns limber teams ,with each effort.the Horse mounted officer converts very well.

collectively i'm pleased with the conversions so far Its shaping up into Turkish Infanterie units.Maybe i get some Eureka 20mm Turks and extend the legs ,may be a better solution.,More later homie dude

Re: Fez-ing reality of conversions

Hi Hank,

Eureka has a range of 20mm figures too? I thought they are only producing 25mm?


Re: Re: Fez-ing reality of conversions

Uwe, Am i am behind teh times .I hope The australian people still make these. I SEE THIS ADVERty,
I see they mnake chaseurs d'afrique also

Re: Re: Re: Fez-ing reality of conversions

Dear HFTGs Hank!,

The S*R Team has yet to let us down, and I would bet that you (and the rest of us) will get the Turkish Fez'ed capped soldiers we all want.

If not, then we shall form our own FFL group and push the issue at gun-point, or something like that ...

Cheers, Mates!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Fez-ing reality of conversions

Hi Dave,

I like your idea of building a commando. And we have the address of Strelets

Hank, do you think these 18mm are bigger than usual?
20mm is often to small, even 18mm would not fit in my eyes.

Better waiting, converting or searching old true 25mm stuff...


Re: Fez-ing reality of conversions/.....YES its getting desparate

Something, anything is better than nothing . If its 18MM or fresh 1/72 box of strelets box of the air.
then i want teh eureka.

I am trying alot of options out. Plus making aLOT MORE baggage train with as many mules i can find and "bad model wagons to "TRIck uP" .
I thinku ntil now i hav ewalways under represented supply importance in gaming.This will enable me to extend wargames into campaigns etc.

Its good to see railway figure ho arab DRESSED civillians for only $15 for a set of 100.They be good crowds etc for many era's.SEE EBAy.

Next monthS figure budget i want to make a couple of turkish batterys from Imex ACW sets.

Dave ,no point .knowing our luck mister texas mate ,if we went round to Strelets there would be a note on the door saying "Coming soon"

Okay back to the wave of depression and model some green stuff.

Re: Re: Fez-ing reality of conversions/.....YES its getting desparate

Hi Hank,

If you want some variety for your supply wagons, the Imex canopys will fit onto the Airfix wagon train wagons. The Airfix wagon's wheels turn and you can harness up any horse or oxen by simply hand-twist drilling small holes into the animals sides.

The Imex wagons don't roll and the steering falls off, as does the drivers seat. But by combining you get some really cool variety. I use a hot tip to just melt/weld the top to the wagon inside. Neither set's tops stay on without some glue or something:

A/F plus Imex chow wagon top and drawers
A/F plus Imex chow top only
A/F plus barrels on sides with above
A/F with conestoga top (Boer War Boer Family)
A/F with Atlantic cattle/oxen
Could use Pegasus cattle even better
A/F with Imex ambulance top (cut off back for stretcher)
By the way, the old Giant of Hong Kong tops will fit into the A/F wagons, and painted would give more variety. You can see a couple of my works here on the HaT link, in the first few frames. They are A/F+Imex+Atlantic parts. The right one has chow wagon drawers in back, and the left one has Imex baggage/boxes inside. All together, they weigh alot and are quite excellent working products. Other designs, I've never scanned:

Have fun!

Re: Re: Re: Fez-ing reality of conversions/.....YES its getting desparate

Thanks Dave,I got a couple of Lucky German waggons ON EBAY which look teh part too. I am looking at a few models to integrate into my diorama from this website.

these may VERY well work for your FFL .