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Strelets French Hussars reviewed

seems to be another great set. well done Strelets!

Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

Just got them.

Really very nice with a nice campaign touch. Early period though.


Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

Early period indeed. But aint 1805-1807 the years of glory for Napoleon's hussars?



Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

That's the typical reason for me not to read text of PSR and usually taking just a look on the figures to make my own mind. They are no specialists for uniforms in my eyes.

Sorry Strelets, but the horses are wrong. French Hussars had a sheepskin and officers can have a shabracke too. These horses with pointed shabrackes suggesting Austrians.

No problem for me, it is all a matter of painting but with such a heavy mistake 9 points is a little bit too high for historical accuracy


Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

Hi Uwe,

I noticed the wrong shabrackes, and wondered why PSR didn't mention it. Though it won't be a problem; as you said the figures can be used for Austrians too. And well, with a little bit of moddelputy the shabrackes can be made into sheepskins.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

Uwe - glad you mentioned that, as I thought it was just me and my sources. I believe the officers would have had a full shabraque (and no sheepskin), so these offerings seem very mixed. Mind you, I lik ethe Italeri horses, so may just mix and match if the sizes are not too far off. I trust PSR so I assume they have a source for their acceptance of these. Mind you, the HaT line lancers are just as bad in their own way, so even more uses for the Italeri horses.

Could the heads from the new scout lancers be swapped to make late war hussars?

If I had another small moan, it would be the size of the plumes which look just too big for my tastes, so they will probably be cut off.

Also, the supplied horses would seem suitable for Austrian uhlans as well, so may be of some use.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

Hi Marc,

officers can have a full shabracke with and without sheepskin. With officers, everything is possible.

Even the 11th French hussars (formerly 2nd Dutch)
hab shabrackes and no sheepskins.

The Italeri-horses are good when I think of the equipment, but all these rearing poses are a little bit unnatural. My problem is that I used up all my Italeri horses for the French Chasseur a Cheval from Italeri. here we have another set with wrong research. The Chasseurs had the sheepskin but no cloth shabrackes. So I changed the horses between the Chasseur and Hussars and painted the hussars as Austrians.

Hm, I never trusted PSR as I found out a lot of mistakes in the past. And I am sure, they don't have a source for this. Maybe - as I am sure they read this - they can tell me the source?

Well, I like the HAT lancers (the second issue with the better turnbacks) but the horses are not good in my mind.

Yes, the heads of the scout lancers with the tall stovepipe shako (I can't write the French word) can be taken for late French hussars.

The plumes are ok for me, while on campaign they were seldom worne.

Oh yes, the horses with this shabrackes can be used for a lot of other stuff. For example French Guard lancers, some polish units, Austrians, British hussars etc.


PSR review


I fully agree with your finding.
you mean the shako "rouleau", which was worn at the end of the period.
I fear that the 11th hussar had this shabracke only at the beginning as it became the 11th hussar. As such a shabracke is more expensive than a sheepskin, they got also the sheepskins as the shabrackes were used.


Guilty as charged

Hi all.

Having read this thread and looked back through our books we find something strange has happened - we were wrong and everyone else is right! Opps. How are we going to get out of this one? Well, change the review and pretend it said that all along!

Seriously though we have fixed this problem so thanks for pointing that out. One of the joys of running a website is mistakes can be corrected quickly and easily and not reprinted millions of times on paper.

Certainly we do make mistakes (hands up all those that don't), and we fix them as soon as we, or someone else, spots them. We don't usually announce such changes on our front page as that would be rather tedious. So for example a kind soul pointed out today that our review of Strelets Army of Robert Bruce failed to mention that the 2-handed claymore is wrong for this period. We corrected this, so the hope is always to make the site as accurate as we can manage.

Everyone is always welcome to point out where there may have been a mistake, and even if it is through gritted teeth we will always say thank you if you are right!

As for trust, well never take anything you read on a website as absolutely certain, PSR or not, and the same goes for forums, books, TV...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

Hi Christiaan,

to be honest I like the figures as I am in need of Austrian hussars too.

But I can't understand why such an easy unit to research as the French hussars have such mistakes and then PSR which is often telling us stories about wrong and right isn't able to find it. A lot of people accept PSR statements and this is the problem in my eyes.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

I've found that if you write to PSR they'll reply and correct any mistakes. I have done so a number of times and they seem to appreciate it.
David M

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

I've done the same thing and have found PSR to be real Gentlemen to deal with. You should not be afraid of writing to them if you believe you may have discovered an error.

Then of course, it's all about history and sometimes it can be hard to tell what's right and what's wrong...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

I'm in with Uwe, your're right. And yes, I like those hussars too.
Marc, the plumes are a bit big, but note that the plumes were larger during the early period than the were in say 1812.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

Excuse me for sounding a little slow, Uwe, but are you saying this set of Strelets could be used as Austrian hussars? Figures & all? Without any modifications?
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

Hi Donald,

first to answer the other guys, you are right when you say they change some mistakes after getting some advice. I can only talk for myself and I check every morning the (for me) most important homepages, so
I usually see the first posting. When there is a change later I won't get it as I had my watch. Maybe others do the same?

Ok, Donald - A hussar is a hussar and there are only some small differences which can be overseen in 1/72. The size of the Shako is a little bit different. The only thing I would change if you want to be a purist is glueing an oak-leaf on the shako as the Austrians did.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars reviewed

A little late replying considering all that has been said before. However, my 2 pennies are that I think these figures are more useful with the incorrect horses. I already have boxes of the Italeri French but I want to round off my 1798-1805 Austrians so these figures are really welcome. I already use the Stretlets Russian lancers as Austrian Ulans and I bought the Hat Wurst Wagon to try and produce Austrian Horse Artillery. A great day for those of us with Austrian armies.

Best regards,


other Austrian conversions

I've also used the HaT wursts for Austrian artillery caissons. Great minds....
On my 'list to do' is turning some of the surgeon figures from this set into Austrian aides. Essentially, I'll add a sash out of milliput & paint them in the green coat.
What do you think? The Strelets' French hussar horses might be suitable mounts?
Uwe; thanks! I really need Austrian hussars. I have a regiment of RSM ones but it's not enough.

Strelets French Hussars

The schabraque was anyway part of the gala uniform and with the erratic sate of furniture at the end of the napoleonic wars i'm certain french hussars had it and the sheepskin together. Besides it can also be left to the trumpeters. They usually had a flashier dress even in the field. The plumes can be trimmed to make just a pompom. The rouleau shako was much more typical of the 1815 campaign. Before it was certainly given to some regiments as the 7th but not all. And yes the guides heads are perfect for this shako. Just give the hussars heads to them and you have excellent french chasseurs a cheval (well without the lance)


Re: Strelets French Hussars

Hi Mat,

can you proof your statement of the expensive shabracke insteadt of the sheepskin with a (primary)source? Of around 500 paintings I have about the different regiments I have none with the shabracke as you mentioned it.


Re: Re: Strelets French Hussars

Like that I can't although I seem to remember an image with the french 3rd hussars using schabraques as late as 1814 in a book, but didn't search thoroughly
What I say is that the way supplies were either in Spain for most of the war and in 1813/1814 it would not be out of hand to think that strict regulation was not available. As an example most hussars had either pelisse or dolman and there were many regulation items unavailable.
The regulation and the actual field dress were anyway very different.