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Re: How much can be fairly expected of one company

Without wishing to go over old ground, ACW has a limited appeal.

Re: Re: How much can be fairly expected of one company

Unlike the Great Northern War? Or the Crimea?

Re: Re: Re: How much can be fairly expected of one company

WW1 and GNW,



S-r CW skirmish set for plugging the gaps

CW Allied "Skirmish" s-R Set

1/2 sprue of Turkish Infantry figures @ 11 figures
1/2 Sprue of Sardinian Infantry @ "
1/2 Sprue Greek infantry @ "
1/2 Sprue Brittish Rifles @ "

if only........

then.....putting it to forum

CW Russian "Skirmish "set
1/2 Sprue Caucasian infantry @
1/2 Sprue Russian Infantry in caps ******** existing
1/2 Sprue Russian Grenadiers in caps ******** existing
1/2 sprue Cossack infantry 11 ******** existing

A box set of CW Artillery
1 Russian Naval gun and crew ******* strelets make existing with a new 1/2 size 'big box'
1 gun and turk crew on a sprue (? this ryhmes ha ha)_
1 gun and french crew on a sprue @
1 gun and sardinian crew on a sprue(3guns same french )

Light Brigade reinforcements (set 2) (make 1/2 the big box set size = cheaper )
6 Chasseurs D'Afrique @
6 french Cavalry @
6 Brittish hussars/ or dragoons ** existing
6 Brittish Lancers *** existing
2 limbers and horse artillery drivers @

CW Raglans HQ Farm set
Model fARM @
3 Box of Brittish Grenadiers @
1 set CW Allied Command *** existing

The Russian HQ Malakhof Set
2 Russian Naval Artillery sets
1 model of Malakhof Bastion @
1 set of Russian Grenadiers *** existing
1 set of Russian HQ and Hospital *** existing

okay whats the best way to present the Great northern War and WW1 sets we want ?


Byzantines: An area practically untouched as yet and sure to get hordes of wargamers excited.

Re: Byzantines

Yes Byzantines would be a great idea. Surely 10th-11th century Byzantines would be most popular and the logical choice, but early and late Byzantines would also be nice.

Re: Re: Byzantines

Hat are on the Byzantine trail and masters look very nice, but there is definitely room for sets with early, Middle and late eras. Strangely neglected in plastic - always overshadowed by the Western Roman Empire in the popular imagination but obviously much more successful and enduring in reality. I often wonder if some of the Russian medieval stuff would pass as Byzantine as it has a slightly old fashioned appearance compared with Western 13th Century stuff and a much more Eastern flavour to it in the style of helmet and mail. What do other people think?

Re: Re: Re: Byzantines

I think medieval Russians, Normans, Turkopoles and Vikings would pass very well as mercenaries in the Byzantine army.

Re: S-r CW skirmish set for plugging the gaps

While we are dreaming, we need to add some British Artillery.

Re: Re: S-r CW skirmish set for plugging the gaps

Uwe put me on to Tumbling Dice British Artillery9in great coats) metal and no size problem.Fit in nicely with Strelets,Emhars and old Garrison metal figs.

they take paypal, shipping rate good alsoI'll be buying more in March when i see yet again Strelets dodge teh CW Turkish question

Re: Re: Re: S-r CW skirmish set for plugging the gaps

I was just putting together some Tumbling Dice artillery men today. However, I would rather be able to see the full uniform, instead of having it all covered up by the cloak like TD.


you forgot one important set(s);
UNION IRON BRIGADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this could be 2 sets(or 2 mini sets), 1 for early war with gaiters, badges & long coats + 1 for later war in frock coat.

Re: Re: ACW

I think I'm coming real close to being fed up with HO figures, what with tons of stuff that is obscure and not directed to guys who want ACW stuff. Yeah, I know, if I want it so bad start my own company etc etc etc.
I'm just getting tired of seeing the same old stuff with new names and colors. I'm going to pack it in soon and start looking for something else to enjoy. This is no fun anymore, certainly when there is no hope or anticipation of sets that I, and others who like some of the same eras, can expect to wee.

Re: Re: Re: ACW

or, for that matter "see."

Re: Re: Re: Re: ACW

Or maybe you were right the first time. The shortage of ACW prospects certainly makes me want to "wee".

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ACW

Well, make sure you wipe it up when you finish.

ho/20MM/1/72 hobby will be dead at 2016 ad

The last battle of waterloo anniversary sets bought by pensioners last spending money. the producers wishing they had made and stocked sets 10 years ago and listened to their collectors.

Now its 2016, the airfix generation approaching rest homes and dieing of broken hearts from the coup d'amour of the sets that never were.

Computer games advances in last 3 years is immense and perhaps we will see existing 1/72 producers branch into historical nano ps/xbox/pc machine gaming.

Perhaps we will see hat,strelets figure art 5dimensional images evolve and survive thru animation appearing in virtual mass trench seige historical battles thru the age of warfare.

Here endenth the lesson from teh 1/72 prophet of doom.

Re: ho/20MM/1/72 hobby will be dead at 2016 ad

Well when they get to the stage where you can do holographic armies for living room sized wargames I will probably bail, although I suspect I can then pass on my 1/72 troops to grandchildren who will get a few hours of enjoyment out of them.

2015 will be a double whammy. It will be the 200th anniversary of Waterloo and the 150th anniversary of Appomattox in the ACW.

Or new technologies....

..such as 3-D printers, rapid proto-typing machines, and three dimensional modeling software, combined with the holigraphic technologies already mentioned;
It will finally be possible to get soldiers on demand, in either hard or soft copy, in whatever uniform, regiment, date, size and physical condition you want them in. In the case of hard copy, you can also get the posses and paint job you want too. Soft copies need not freeze these options.