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Re: Re: Who Wants To Be "Your Favorite Toy Sets?"

Hi Malcolm,

It's finally the weekend again, and free time again for our hobby.

I hope you gather by my post that I'm not a wargamer, and enjoy the hobby as a "playset" collector would, and I'm not a wargame enthusiast. That's why I allude to imagination (not the roll of a dice). I've never made a secret of that. In fact, I'm hopeful that there are others out there in cyberspace who also feel the same as me.

But I'm gathering by the lack of responses to this thread that I am, for the most part, not in the majority of members of this forum, and in fact, a "dinosaur." This forum is moving-on and I'm not. I'm actually embarrassed for starting this thread!

I'm kinda stuck in a time-warp with the hobby. But I can assure you I'm not stuck in a drug-induced state as the recent tragedies of movie performers (one you mention) have been suffering. My original post/question was thought-of stone-sober, same as I did as a kid.

I hope you are OK with me ( ) and always look forward to your posts about the hobby.

Cheers Mate!

Re: Who Wants To Be "Your Favorite Toy Sets?"

When I go to bed, I sometimes think about my Airfix WW2 figures getting a life.

Re: Re: Who Wants To Be "Your Favorite Toy Sets?"

Hi Jan,

Your collection of 1/72 Soldiers do "Have a Life!" That is exactly why they are lucky to "belong" to "Your Command."

Most toys simply end-up in the trash-heap after a kid falsely believes they are not worth keeping. Durned pitty!

When you wake-up each and every morning, you give/get them their life!

Cheers Mate!

Cheers Dave :-)))