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Re: 100 - Roman Cavalry in Battle

I think they are exactly the same guys from the "marching cavalry" set only some minutes later, when they are closer to the enemy. I do not see the need of 2 sets.


Re: Re: 100 - Roman Cavalry in Battle

..and still no masters for the WWI Russians. Guess I will have to wait for another week or two. I really don't want to complain but it seems that people that aren't into ancients or napoleonics nowadays get the last place in the waiting line. But sooner or later even the last in line will get their turn...

But sooner or later even the last in line will get their turn...

I wish that was true. Experience has taught me otherwise. Sometimes the club gets full and you just get turned away. Or the last Wii gets sold and you are just out of luck. Sometimes too much time goes by and it's just too late, and you need to find another hobby. If only each manufacturer did a different era, but everyone has to make Imp Romans at some point or Nappy French or 100 Years War. It's a self-fulfilling prophesy. That's what they buy (especially if that's all there is to buy). Uh, oh, I see the archers lining up after that comment.

But I think all the manufacturers should ONLY make Ancients, Medeivals, and Nappys. That will save me a TON of money!

Re: 100 - Roman Cavalry in Battle

i like the two cavalry sets
and i like -ancient -dark ages-medieval and napoleonic