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Re: Re: Re: Re: Help needed

Another option is to trade for figures that you want. There is a Yahoo group called "Trading Department" which is set up for this.

we heard all this before

if you get kicked off paypal thats 3 excuse will wash.the seller is always right in ebays eyes.bUNNIES BEWARE

Re: Help needed

i have tride in trading tepartment already i need free stororage and i dont want to trow them away please help me in selling them

Re: Help needed

one set is
Type VII Mint box Type VII mint box

some of those are in mint and soma aint

you are a time bandit

Re: you are a time bandit

It's worse than that. He's a whining oxygen thief.

Kert, this is freaken annoying. Take your personal issues elsewhere, then

come back and talk about the hobby. I say this with all due respect.


Sinmply sign up for ebay and give it a try. Eaby will provide you with all of the information and tips you will require. Best of luck

The issue is beyond the scope of this forum

I did not read all the of replies before I made my reply. Sorry to the rest