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Re: Help needed


I assume you have an account.

Take a digital photo on a low pixel setting and upload it onto your computer where it is stored in 'my photos'. Or take a film photo, take it to your photo lab and have it stored on disk (then add photos to 'my photos').

Find the appropriate area of Ebay: 'wargaming: tabletop' if memory serves.

Click 'sell' and follow the instructions, it will ask you to download your photo at some point which takes a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on size of data.

Set a price and wait for the bids to flood in.

What are you selling?

Re: Re: Help needed

You should also set up a paypal account if you don't have one. (At least that applies in my region - North America.) If you don't offer paypal, expect to have much lower buyer interest, and therefore a lower final sales price.

Re: Help needed

6002 - Napoleonic French Infantry-1 set
6010 - Saracen Warriors 2 sets
6022 - Gaul Warriors- loose set
6011 - Confederate Cavalry 2 sets
6047 - Roman Infantry -loose set
6052 - Crimean War British Hussars-loose set
8001 - Russian Knights-loose set
8008 - Persian Cavalry-loose set
8029 - Samurai Army Headquarters-loose set
02504 - WW1 German Infantry 2 box
02512 - WW2 Scottish Infantry, 8th Army 1 box

i cont make an account because i was bannd. Thats the reasion why i need help

Re: Re: Help needed

Maybe you should ask Oliver or Adolf?
I thought this is no forum for trading again?

Re: Help needed

dear uwe oliver and adolf cant help me because they are in ebay same mud than me sadly but can you help me in that Please

Re: Re: Help needed

Why were you banned?
I can't say that inspires confidence.
Would helping you end me in "mud" like you & your posse?

Re: Re: Re: Help needed

Kert-I don't think that this arrangement would work out. Anyone who would be listing your figures would be putting their reputation on the line. What would they want to do this? If it was me I would require that the figures be sent to me before I listed them, so I could be certain that the figures were as I described them and so that I could be certain that the figures were promptly shipped out. I would not want to sell a set and only later find out that it was incomplete, or the "mint" figures had been removed from the sprues, and I would not want to have the delivery of the figures held up by customs. After all, I would be the one who got the negative feedback. I would also insist that I got to hold the proceeds until the figures were all paid for, so that I could be reimbursed for all the listing fees, plus any return postage for sets that did not sell. Now as the owner imagine all the ways this could go wrong with this deal, and all the costs you would incur.

It would seem there has to be a better arrangement than this. Do you know anyone local who sells on ebay? Perhaps this person might list for you. Would your local figure seller agree to sell your figures on consignment or let you put up a sales notice at his shop? Are there military or history related shows that you could go to and try to sell your figures? Have you tried swapping them on one of the figure exchange lists? Have you thought about keeping the figures until the ebay ban on you has been lifted?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Help needed

Another option is to trade for figures that you want. There is a Yahoo group called "Trading Department" which is set up for this.

we heard all this before

if you get kicked off paypal thats 3 excuse will wash.the seller is always right in ebays eyes.bUNNIES BEWARE

Re: Help needed

i have tride in trading tepartment already i need free stororage and i dont want to trow them away please help me in selling them

Re: Help needed

one set is
Type VII Mint box Type VII mint box

some of those are in mint and soma aint

you are a time bandit

Re: you are a time bandit

It's worse than that. He's a whining oxygen thief.

Kert, this is freaken annoying. Take your personal issues elsewhere, then

come back and talk about the hobby. I say this with all due respect.


Sinmply sign up for ebay and give it a try. Eaby will provide you with all of the information and tips you will require. Best of luck

The issue is beyond the scope of this forum

I did not read all the of replies before I made my reply. Sorry to the rest