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Robin Hood

Have some fun

Re: Robin Hood

I agree here as I would love to see several figs for a Robin Hood line!

#1) the man himself!
#2) Maid Marion
#3) A better representation of the Sheriff. (Airfix's looks better for Prince John!)

Or for real medieval personalities;

#1) Robert the Bruce
#2) William Wallace
#3) William the Conqueror (mounted)
#4) Harold (on foot)

Male or female?

I would go for William the conqueror.

Charlemagne and El Cid share the second place.

If you were to make a female figure then I would opt for Eleonora of Aquitania

Many regards


How about a matching figure for the missing STrelets CW Turkish Infantry ,Omar Pasha.

Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

Jan(john)žižka Husitsky hajtman(hussites comander)

Re: Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

Well if we are going as early as charlemagne and William then Alfred the Great!

Re: If we were to do one personality figure...


Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

How about something a little modern like
Kitchener 1885 or 1898.
The Mahdi
Csar Nicholas II
Anything rather than Mediaeval, really.
Best regards

Re: Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

I could run through quite a list of possibles from other eras, but Valdemar says they want Medieval.

Thanks for input, can you perhaps help with pictures?

Many thanks for the input. There are many very interesting subjects and as we plan to make a poll section in february/march I would like some pictures if possible?

Please mail to

Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

We plan to make a poll section and therefore it would be great if someone could help with pictures of their favourite personalities. Please send to:

Re: Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

Dear Valdemar,

Arlins question is interesting for me too. Do you want to produce medieval figures only or would other periods interesting for you too?


Re: Re: Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

Please Valdemar
Do not forget

Re: Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

On horseback and armour Charles I King of Spain, V emperor of the Holy Roman Empire!

Juan de Austria!

Genghis Khan! Timur!

Re: Re: Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

Hannibal Barca

But Ghengis or Kublai is also a good shout!

Will we stick to medieval period?

Dear All

We get many questions about if we will stick to medieval times... To answer I will shortly tell why I decided to make a small company.

It all started when I took my old hobby up, painting 1/72 scale miniatures. I was looking into different periods like ancients, napolic and WW2... but I decided that painting Medieval knights was most fun. Next problem was to find figures to paint. First I painted a few sets of REVELL 110 yrs war sets, but then I discovered that there almost where no other sets, so I started to write to Zvezda, Italeri, EMHAR, Strelets-R and more sending pictures and suggestions, but initially I thought that nothing happened, so I started doing my own 1/72 scale figures and after pressure I started producing them in limited numbers and the range is now growing and growing steady and slowly. With the new coorperation with Alex, I am confident that we do the best 1/72 scale miniatures available and for now we will focus on this period.
But we are discussing if we should make a test for another period, we just do not know which?

We (Alex and I) are both entusiasts and collectors and we do not earn much (actually every euro earned are invested in new sets). But we are looking for ways to become better, lower prices and also to make the sets in plastic(not injection moulds as the detail level and the poses do not allow this).

Best regards

Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

Stick to what you both enjoy. It's obvious your passion is the medieval period, and specifically the Eastern crusades. That said, spreading out into the earlier dark ages, or later renaissance, or to more exotic medieval locals wouldn't be to far off the mark.

But to start producing napoleonic, WW2 or ACW, would be a mistake. There are already many others companies, small and large who do those eras. As it stands now you fill a niche market that no one else is doing.

BTW, I noticed that Michigan Toy Soldiers has both your Zvezda Ship Crew, as well as the plastic Medieval Army on the March set in their 'coming soon section. This is great news for me, as I don't have a PayPal account (because they don't except 'gift card' credit cards, while most merchants do). They also have all the new personality figures listed as well. I think you'll see a spike in sales in the US because of this.


Re: Re: If we were to do one personality figure...

I won't say nothing in particular as no many chances to see what I'd like, as usualy not popular and not so commercialy convenient, but never mind, I can manage myself... even if my resin miniatures are much poorer than your real great ones!

Just one consideration of what usualy is missed in the range, I would choose to make a female personality, or a male one overweight, as it seem to me there's a total lack of such subjects.

Keep going like your usual great standard!