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Napoleonic solo rule idea

Lying in bed last night having just watched an episode of 'Sharpe', thinking of what to paint next and this idea popped into my head:

As a predominantly solo wargamer using my own very simplified rules, the automatic rate at which units fire muskets could be randomised according to experience and stress.

Example; a unit prepares to fire against an approaching enemy. The first volley is automatic as they are already loaded. The second volley is subject to a successful roll on a percentage dice (say 60% for arguments sake). Presuming this is passed, they fire as normal but have to test again on subsequent attacks.

If they fail, then they automatically pass the next test, but have to test again thereafter. Percentage modifiers could take into account factors like stress, experience, fatigue, morale and disposition/proximity of enemy too.

Factors like long, medium and short range become more prominant as well (do I unleash now at medium range or wait and be sure of firing point blank?)

Certainly makes it a bit more random and takes fumbling fingers when receiving cavalry into account. It also makes things rather more random for the solo wargamer.

Re: Napoleonic solo rule idea

Thanks for sharing that, Matt.
Tell us if it works well in practice.
My rules allow elites to fire every turn without penalty but all others are penalised (using a different table for hits) on subsequent volleys.
Thus you sometimes hold your fire in order to be able to use the optimum table of hits.
Reasonabley historical?

Open channel "D" Mr Waverley

Definite added advantage required to the defender especially if behind cover, especially if using crossfire pattern at 300 yards and less.

Good tv series mAN FROM uNCLE i only saw in black and white

Re: Re: Napoleonic solo rule idea

Thanks for the feedback.

There are probably reams of rules regarding this very area. Part of the enjoyment I get (which beats any computer game) is the knowledge I can tinker around with various things to my heart's content