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Re: XVII armies?

Hi Pierre

Other posters have already listed what is available but for the late XVII century there is almost nothing. Personally I would love to see something for this, although many will argue there is still much to do for other periods with coverage already. I think we may have to wait until a French manufacturer comes along with an interest in the wars of Louis XIV.

Re: Re: XVII armies?

Indeed all heavily underrepresented periods, in spite of their military importance. hoping for some better days:)



Re: Re: Re: XVII armies?

To go along Old REVELL and newer A CALL TO ARMS, and BUM. I would like English Civil War and Thirty years War new armies. There is still a lot of room in the area. ROCROI 1643 SPAIN versus FRANCE (le Grand Condé)
I HOPE the new ZVEZDA XVII new European pikemen and musketters set will fill that gap.