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Re: XVII armies?

we have GerMan sets
Musketeers and Jakopites
and Revell/Mars 30yw

Re: XVII armies?

XVI,XVII and XVIII centuries are all terribly underrepresented in 1/72 plastic, but there is some available.

XVI-Conquistadors and Native Americans by Revell and Caesar.

XVII-30YW Swedish and Imperial Infantry, Imperial Artillery (hard to find) and Swedish Cavalry (very hard to find and expensive, but there is a partial set knockoff from Mars) by Revell, ECW Royalist infantry and artillery, Parliament infantry and ECW command group by Call to Arms, French Musketeers by GerMan, and Polish Winged Hussars and Cossacks by Orion. There is also the possibility of two ECW horse sets from Call to Arms.

XVIII-Various Great Northern War sets by Strelets and Zvezda, 7YW Prussian and Austrian Infantry, Prussian hussars and Austrian dragoons and Austrian artillery by Revell, Jacobites by GerMan, and various American War of Independence sets of mixed quality by different manufacturers.

There are also a few Asian subject sets that come from this era.

In other words, there are many subjects that have not been done or have been done poorly. However there is also some raw material that can be used to work with, provided you are willing to spend money (and time), lower your standards, or do some conversion work. For example the Revell GNW Swedish infantry has the potential to stand in for infantry from several other armies in the early 18th century. As for the Jacobites, although they started out in the late 17th century with Dundee in Scotland and James in Ireland I think most of us think of the 18th century actions during the 1715, 1719 and 1745-6 campaign. GerMan has recently done a set, that I have not seen, of Jacobite highlanders, some of whom could probably be used for 18th century Scots in the Americas.

Re: XVII armies?

Hi Pierre

Other posters have already listed what is available but for the late XVII century there is almost nothing. Personally I would love to see something for this, although many will argue there is still much to do for other periods with coverage already. I think we may have to wait until a French manufacturer comes along with an interest in the wars of Louis XIV.

Re: Re: XVII armies?

Indeed all heavily underrepresented periods, in spite of their military importance. hoping for some better days:)



Re: Re: Re: XVII armies?

To go along Old REVELL and newer A CALL TO ARMS, and BUM. I would like English Civil War and Thirty years War new armies. There is still a lot of room in the area. ROCROI 1643 SPAIN versus FRANCE (le Grand Condé)
I HOPE the new ZVEZDA XVII new European pikemen and musketters set will fill that gap.