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Heavy Brigade, Turks and British Grenadiers

Hank - I want the Turks too, but I'll take the Heavy Brigade for now. Poses look great. By the way, I also want CW British Grenadiers as much as I want Turks. All those paintings show highlanders and grenadiers with those awesome bearskin hats.

Re: Heavy Brigade, Turks and British Grenadiers

Ideally I just want the figures, a complete range.

I need some form of Turks . In fact need a whole army of these to oppose Russians.60-80 figures to a regiment, 3 brigades of 3 regts.(18 box) plus2 for conversion inf ,4 for conversion cav and artillery, CASUALTIES ETC.

British Guards 240 (6 boxes of 40 figs)= 3 regiments wil be sufficient .Maybe a few boxes to use as Line Grenadier companys.

Heavy Cavalry .... held in Reserve after loss of teh Light brigade pretty much.No seige use 6 boxes per dragoons and 3 sets for scots is ample.Already have those. Need Horse Artillery.

Re: Re: Heavy Brigade, Turks and British Grenadiers

I'm another gamer waiting for the Turks. I did buy some metal British Guards to fill the gap in my line, but I will replace them if Strelets releases some. But for the Turks, I have nothing yet.

Re: Re: Re: Heavy Brigade, Turks and British Grenadiers

CW British Grenadiers with those awesome bearskin hats, in both winter dress and summer dress, as well as Turks in both summer colors and winter colors, in those awesome Fez's would be very popular with any child of toy soldier collecting enthusiasm.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Heavy Brigade, Turks and British Grenadiers

Grenadiers charging up the height at the Alma in full dress would be my favourites. This battle is more colourful than Inkerman where nearly all the troops fought in greatcoats. On the other hand, Inkerman is an interesting battle. So I would say we need a good big set with greatcoated British in different headgear.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Heavy Brigade, Turks and British Grenadiers

Tumbling Dice do 20mm (metal) Guards in overcoats. Their heads come separately, so I imagine they are also selling the same castings with other headgear. I already have some of these, so my preference for Strelets is the Alma over Inkerman.

After all, my Airfix guardsmen can only fight so many battles before someone notices that they are wearing uniforms from the 1950s, not the 1850s!