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Re: Re: I woke up with a 'Big Box' idea

Dear Strelets,

do you want me to visit the battlefield again or is there a way to get this set the "normal" way too?


Re: Re: Re: I woke up with a 'Big Box' idea

Excellent idea! I would buy such a set even though I already own Normans and Saxons. This would be a great way to build up my army.

Re: Re: Re: Re: I woke up with a 'Big Box' idea

I recall a stamp set of teh Bayeux tapestry quite catching.i see Hinton Hunt Figs did anniversary 20mm celebrating 1066-1966 looks similar to some of the images.What shop i this ?

If you could do a similar big box for the ...

Romans, Crusader and Muslim sets I would be very happy. I already have the Norman and Anglo-Saxon sets

Re: Re: I woke up with a 'Big Box' idea

some ideas
For the Vikings: Harald Hardrada (a tall figure fighting two handed), a raven banner (landwaster), and a champion with ax to hold Stamford bridge itself.

the Saxons: Harold Godwinson, his personal banner (described as an 'armed man'??)and a Huscarl bodygaurd

the Normans: William the Conqueror (maybe holding helmet to show his men he had not fallen during a critical moment at Hastings), Eustace of Boulogne carrying William's 'Sacred Banner'(a gift from the Pope), and Bishop Odo wielding his club. All Normans would be on horse of course

I suppose there are many other ideas out there

Re: I woke up with a 'Big Box' idea

i like IT!!!!!