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Postpone Heavy brigade - give us Turks

Okay i think Strelets bring alot of this turbulence on themnselves (which they deserve)with the way they market themselves.Yes but on teh whole Great products.
I dont think anyone but a Russo ukraine maker would do them so good.Zvezda just excellent too.(Esci Airfix have no feeling.)

But i dont want a pretty box .I just want figures that are not made elsewhere,no rereleases or duplicates of available figures etc .Look at the mission on website.

So many Russian CW with no effective opponent.
Why not give us some CW Turks(Russias traditional enemy ).

Give us a Mini set see how it goes.
Sales Good
then give us a regualr set(mini ha-ha set#2 ).
Good sales
put them ina big box with a special
introduce Sardinians/allied artillery etc

Re: Re: Re: Heavy brigade

Mssr Murach,

I am looking forward to it!

Merci beaucoup (and Cheers Mate)