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Re: Re: Re: Re: Are enemies necessary?

Something I forgot to mention.

Lots of Romans (Republican, Imperial and even Late Romans) and far to few adversaries ....true...... but we still need a decent set of Republican Romans for CAESAR to conquer GAUL.

Now since CAESAR has a set of Republican Romans in the pipeline I do hope that this set will be related to their companies name.

In a Cival War, not always

For Romancival wars, and lots of medievil and modern stuff, both side can be represented by almost identical soldiers with only some sligt variations in paiting or the color of plastic is required

Re: In a Cival War, not always

And I would say Romans are a speciality of HAT. Why not ask them?



I couldnt agree more with Mako. Surely Orion would have sold many more Boxers if they had also done at least 1 set of opposition. All the SR Crimean sets are great but to cover the basics we still need British grenadiers, French cavalry, artillery for everyone except Russia and, of course, Turks.

I recently decided to buy some sets for a friends children. I then realised how important having a balanced set was, with figures for both sides in it. I opted for an Airfix big box, but if Strelets made a 'Poltava', 'Balaclava' etc they would be a great introduction for newcomers of all ages.