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Re: WW1 - the lost generation

A friend in teh UK send me teh Daily Mail dvd Great War 9 discs he get free from newspaper.They work on pc but not usa dvd player.Good film footage but the music is like hell.

Re: WW1 - the lost generation

Well said, Jan. It took 2 Wars To End All Wars, but this has been the longest period in history of relative peace, for us to enjoy and prosper.

My gratitude to all those whose goal it was for lasting peace.

Re: Re: WW1 - the lost generation

Indeed well said. war is horrible except in 1/72 plastic. (yes, war in 28mm is horrible too:);) )

lest we forget

Hi, Jan,
in Australia they thought that when the last Great War veteran passed on, the memorial day (called ANZAC Day) would start to fade.
However it has gone from strength to strength.
Nearly every town has its Dawn Services & the capital cities have large & moving ceremonies.
Veterans from later wars march in parades & children also march, wearing their fathers' or grandfathers' medals.
The Returned Services League motto is "Lest we forget".
There is little chance of forgetting their sacrifice in this country.