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Re: New ACW sets from strelets

you have some good suggestions but you have forgotten one big one; Union Iron Brigade! this could actually be a 2 setter as we could use early war with long coat, gaiters & all in hardee hats turned up on side with ornaments, then later war in frock coats, no gaiters & hardee hats loose with no ornaments/badges.(i'll resist the urge for the obvious movie line here!)

Gatling Guns were actually not used in the ACW & Italeri has already supplied a good artillery set with siege mortar, excellent parrot gun & Gatling gun. we could use a set of gunners to service the mortars & Gatling gun as they supplied only decent crew for the cannon.
what we could also use is a set of BIG guns! the kind they used for the defense of Washington & probably had at Richmond. some naval artillery would be good too.

not sure what you mean by 'Confederate militia' as most troops fighting were miltia, but if you mean a set of Confederate infantry from late war emaciated & in torn uniforms with bare feet, people have been screaming for this for years!

the dismounted Confederate officers is a must & i'm sure is in the works. not sure we really need more Union & Confederate cavalry unless they are dismounted versions. these we really need! am a little unsure about anymore Union artillery either as we have several, but again a set or 2 of Confederate Gunners would flesh out Reb artillery as you can get guns for them from almost anywhere. the idea for hospital sets is an excellent one! so much has been said about the hospital situation back then sets of these are long overdue! perhaps unarmed troops from both sides to act as prisoners since that was a big part of this war as well. a big set for each featuring hospital, prisoners & casualties i think would be a huge seller!

Re: Re: New ACW sets from strelets

Both the US and the CSA did field militia in the ACW. I think US militia did participate in combat against Morgan during his Ohio raid of 1863, and CSA militia participated in several actions including New Market and Petersburg in 1864 and in Georgia and South Carolina in 1864-5.

While CSA regulars late in the war would have looked ragged, there would be likely be some military items of clothing, and there almost certainly would be military equipment. CSA militia would likely be dressed in civilian atire with only a minimum of military equipment, perhaps nothing more than a rifled musket and cartridge box.

Strelets Union commands sets were nice...

but they left out the two most useful commanders from two of the biggest battles, McClellen at Antietam and Meade at Gettysburg.

I am okay with the number of ACW sets out there. I agree the only "set" still needed is Iron Brigade because they are unique looking and fought at so many battles.

Otherwise, maybe a "gap-filler" generic set to fill the holes. It could include the missing Generals I mentioned, plus you could throw in Davis (if no CS Foot Generals was forthcoming), maybe some dismounted Cav skirmishing, litter bearers, some wounded, camp scenics (playing fiddle, cooking food, eating, smoking pipe, maybe a laundress, chopping wood, etc.) some civilians. Keep in mind, this would have to be a regular sized set, not a mini, and you would have to run it in grey and blue.

Re: Strelets Union commands sets were nice...

Do you guys think we should recommend that Strelets make one mould, and run it in opposing colors? Such as:

ACW - Blue Union and Gray Confederates
GNW - (Can this be done?)

would make for twice the sales!

Re: Strelets Union commands sets were nice...

McClellan need not be represented in miniature, he was an ineffective commander. Besides calling Antietam by its southern name (Sharpsburg), it could also be called "The Battle At Which McClellan Could Have Annihilated the Army of Northern Virginia...". Lincoln was right to remove him from command after that battle - again!
Just use a tent as a marker for McClellan.

Be that as it may.....

he was there, so I need one to do Antietam. Same with Lee, Meade, Grant, Jackson, Longstreet, Custer, etc. Etc. etc. in other battles.

Granted, I don't need every personality, and there were some in the Strelets set I think were pointless (Prince of Orleans?). But if you do Gettysburg, you gotta have Meade and Lee, and it seems like a good idea to throw in a Pickett as well.

What good is Little Bighorn without Custer or Crazy Horse?

Or Waterloo without Napoleon?

Or the Alamo without Davy Crockett?

We've come a long ways in 1/72 with personality figures.

Re: Be that as it may.....

For McClellan, take the mounted figure of Chamberlain and trim down the moustache. Remove the head and put it on Grant's body. You'll have a passable mounted McClellan (in kepi) in a general's dress uniform.

Re: Re: Be that as it may.....

Might have no choice but to do that, thanks.

I have found a lot of uses for these figs. The mounted Hancock and Custer go chasing Cheyenne while the mounted one-armed Oliver is leading a column of Strelets US Cav in pursuit of Nez Perce (the Airfix Indians).

I know I am outing myself

but why has it to be Confederate or Union infantry, cavalry and artillery again? There are several sets on the market.

Of course the Iron Brigade is underrepresented so this would be an idea. If it has to be ACW again I would prefer to see figures that we don't have. For example all the units at Bull Run (or First Mannasses if you like). Another set of Union infantry is - in my eyes - as important as another set of French Imperial Guard grenadiers.

What I need are sets of units that were never done before.


Re: I know I am outing myself

I agree, Uwe. Like dismounted, skirmishing cavalry(one set would do for both sides) and Iron Brigade.

Re: New ACW sets from strelets

I was thinking MINI set both union and confederate infatry

12 marching,12 realoding,12 fireing and 12 chargeing that i was thinking. And as for the cavalry one set cavalry on march and second in battle.

Re: Re: New ACW sets from strelets

I like this idea alot !!!

Mini-Sets could build up any army with the musket-type firing line strategies, all the way up to Colonial days. Mini-sets could be used for any branch of an army, too, as Uwe is suggesting, especially never before produced.

Still, to me, Re: ACW, as far as I'm concerned, all the stuff on the market is inferior and could use being updated. I really do not like the Italeri dancing balerina guys with oversized heads and dancing feet. The Accurate/Imex stuff never was up to great standards, and those moulds are old, old, old. The field cannons and cassions are awful, hollow-bellied nickle & dime designed.

I'd like to see some nice Seige-Guns, such as the S*R Russian CW Naval guns, or the Revell Nappy British Artillery with cassions. Both Classic sets.

My point is not to argue against anyone here, but that over the future years, S*R will hopefully have enough time, energy, and resources to make everything we are asking for ...

Re: New ACW sets from strelets

McClellan and Meade also They could be but on that hospital/camp set,+ adding some nurses ,photogtapher, war correspondednt ,vivandiers etc.
Under Confederate militia i was thinking those boys that attaced Union troops in film Gods and Generals in Battle of Bull Run also like those militia soldiers like Bill said are usefoul.
Also i was thinking good zouaves for both sides.
And as for the artillery i was thinking normal sige artillery
2 moratars + crew
set 2 Big guns + crew

italery artiller is toylike both the guns and grew but like strelets GNW artillery sets are superior so they should make a good set. ,,Gatlings indeed thidn used in war but this gatling shown in psr site is The model here dates from the early 1880s and is fed by the circular Accles Positive Feed Drum that is on top of the barrel. It is accurately modelled and an interesting-looking weapon, but it has nothing to do with the Civil War´´
So i was thinking that it should be like did they used in civil war. and furthermore i was thinking one set of colored soldiers ( film Glory)

Naval landing parties etc

As for the moundent cavaly als mybe dismonted cavalry Morgan raiders etc

There are mony possiblities