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Re: New Opportunities For the S*R Team's Success & Your Success

Just a first idea (with selfish intentions) ... :

1. Big Box of - American Civil War Big Box titled "American Civil War Commanders & Cavalry" (includes the mould for U.S. Cavalry in both Mid-Blue and Gray colors, plus the left-over Mounted ACW Commanders sets. All horse guys, a fantasy come true.

2. 2 New Single-Sets of ACW Union and CSA Dismounted Cavalry - Design one new mould for both U.S. and C.S.A. Cavalry, which can be used to make both Mid-blue and Gray Color Cavalries for both the ACW Union and ACW CSA. One mould - 2 New Sets. Should make good economic success. These could be encouraged, by some marketing and advertising on the back of your Big Boxes, to encourage customers to buy these as Add-On sets to the BB's, or visa-versa, Single-Set Boxes advertise to buy the Big Boxes to complete the whole theme.

Thank you for listening again :-) S*R Team!

Re: Re: New Opportunities For the S*R Team's Success & Your Success

GOOD IDEAS, BUT MIGHT I SUGGEST, IF POSSIBLE(my apologies for the screaming! didn't realize cap lock was on.) they try the IMEX method of swopping out a few poses for the dismounted cavalries so they don't look so 'cookie cutter'? make a mini set with 12 poses, but swop out 4-5 poses to include floppy hatted Rebs to replace Kepi hatted Unions so the sets don't look exactly the same.

Re: Re: Re: New Opportunities For the S*R Team's Success & Your Success

Yes, and as is, the U.S. Cavalry set has an Apache Scout. He maybe should be replaced too, or at least his head should look more like a regular trooper.

Good Idea....But

I think rather than have yet another lengthy thread of wish lists and requests for Turkish infantry or my own ongoing demands for early WWII US pacific forces, perhaps Strelets may consider listing some options they may already have on the table, and putting it to a vote, poll or survey.

Of course its your business Dave. It's all of our business. We are the customers and without us, Strelets, Orion, Hat, all of them would go under.

In my opinion, sales are down because the market is oversaturated with to many products. I simply can't keep up anymore. For me the fun is trying to find something rare. Id like to see something like ebay, lets call it etrade, for swapping sets with my fellow small soldier enthusiasts

Re: Good Idea....But


There is a group of collectors who trade in 1/72 plastic kits and figures on Yahoo:

Happy hunting,

Big Box Roman Muslim and Crusader Sets

My first sugestion would be to foll the lead of IMEX with there ACW range, and sell Big Box sets of the Romans, Muslems and Crusaders.

Play Sets

Similar to the OLD Airfix sets, have two and only two sets of opposing armies with a FORT, Castle or vacu-formed landscape

Keep It Short And Sweet

We should try and keep one idea per entry. I admit I can be one of the worst offenders for long winded replys, but if 100 custumers, suggest 100 sets each, in one long chain, How can we expect the poor folks at strelets to keep track of them all

Single Sprue Sets

ESCI Used to sell single sprues in blister packs and HaT sold a number of single sprues from differnt sets in one box (The Persian and Macedonian Army sets). Bith were really good ideas

Re: Single Sprue Sets

Excellent AndrewT!

Keep the ideas coming. My next suggestion would be for single sets that sell slowly to go to "Round 2" in the economical "Header Card Bags" when all else fails.

The old "Giant of Hong Kong" sets are still classics, and since the beginning, only came in the economical "Blister Card" and "Header Bag" Sets.

Sometimes, less is more, or less is better. I don't think S*R is at that point, yet, cause it's still a young company, but having options is always good !!!

Cheers, Mates!

Re: New Opportunities For the S*R Team's Success & Your Success

I know there is not enough time left to do this set prior to the US Presidential elections in November, but it would have been nice to have a set with George W and family, Bill & Hillary, John MCain, Obama etc.

Not sure how well this set would have sold outside the US, but here it would probably have been a big seller. My wife even got a talking doll of Hillary Clinton and sent it to a (Republican) friend for Christmas.

Re: Re: New Opportunities For the S*R Team's Success & Your Success

Another theme with classic potential. Just last night, I watched a Documentary about Seargent Shriver (Arnold's wife's Dad (Maria's Dad)) and his contribution to the "War on Poverty" in the U.S. Wow! Before, he was the founder of the "Peace Corps." Gee wiz, I know so little, even about my own generation.

1968 (and before) the M.L. King and R. Kennedy assasinations, as well as J.F.K.'s a few years before. Marx made sets of Politians, and Presidents, and still on eBay they command respect. And you are correct, now Hillary & OBama. 1968-2008 could be a "Cult-Classic-Collection" which spans (how many?) generations.

This topic deserves it's own thread ... even though it does encourage profits as you were properly invited! Another great idea which should be revisited!

But I'm still hoping for 1/72 confederates sooner rather than later!

Re: New Opportunities For the S*R Team's Success & Your Success

In support of another great idea, "Mako" and "Jay", below, have suggested/recommended Native American Indians. I would also love to see some new poses, and in this case, Single Box sets should, maybe, do just fine. Your sculptor who designed the Boers, would "Fill my pockets!"

I'd like to see:

* Western Plains Indians (the Custer opponents)
* Mohawks (those really scarey Eastern Indians we see at (Am) Football Games - Some things never improve, or get worse! )

Great ideas, I think, and thanks for listening S*R!

Re: Re: New Opportunities For the S*R Team's Success & Your Success

Mentioned them before but:

1930s Gangsters and Cops

Civilians for various eras, such as 16th/17th century, Napoleonic, WWII etc

African Tribal soldiers

Modern African (civil wars etc.)

I have to add that I'd buy a lot more Strelets sets if the price was in the same range as HaT, Italieri, Emhar etc.

Also if the arms were of an anatomically correct length...

Re: Re: Re: New Opportunities For the S*R Team's Success & Your Success

anything 18th century for me. (GNW, WSS, SYW, FIW)
Or ww1 and 2


What will sell?

I personally think they should stick to 18th century as Christiaan said as they have aready started it. I also think they should carry on with WW1 and the Crimea.

Before I continue, I love napoleonics and own 3 boxes depicting the above sets (largely for conversions) I may branch into other areas, but basically I'm not doing my personal wish list here, just what I think will work.

Firstly (Hank said you gotta call them as you see them so..) People, especially wargamers will buy the "better set", so In a napoleonics fight between a possible Strelets Old Guard, Zvezda, HaT etc, Zvezda will win, sorry but they will.

Dioramists and wargamers are consistently wanting comparative scales, and whilst I love strelets figures they are seriously beefy and do not mix well, (maybe with Odemars and a few of the chunkier HaT sets)

This means many folks will probably buy their sets based on the good sets and build around those, picking up things like the Cuirassiers (+ borodino) as no sod else does them.

However, 18thC, Crimea and WW1, well for the first two they already have the monopoly on those markets and with 3-4 more sets could corner it. 18th C- there are realistically Strelets and some impossible to find Revell kits. WW1 I add because they have done some unusual cavary sets, and IF these are selling well could become a major player here becasue of these. WW1 seems to be more and more popular.

I personally have moved from painting many for wargames to diorama stuff so will really buy sets based on what I can pair up (Borodino, Chasseurs and russ grenadiers tc) or make a nice stand alone out of. War gamers want similar but on a larger scale.

my two penneth.

Focus Focus Focus or lose sight

Okay I'm with Adam and Christian.I am amazed that the main CW enemy of Russia is not even represented with 20 plus sets been released and lesser period numeriacal represented sets in place.

If US Cav set didnt sell, then LETS move on. I am of the opinion that teh painful stretching out CW Turkish release until 2009 will have lost impeteus with collectors who will by tehn have moved on to other periods where there is more complete ranges available on sale and in teh shops. "Coming Soon " translated from Strelets realistically means maybe 3 years.

54mm 1:32 Diversify

I would humbly sugest that Strelets consider dversifying into other scales and other products within 1:72 such as vehicles, buildings.

You should also consider selling directly to the customer via the internet since Strelets already has a good internet customer/fan base to begin with.

Re: New Opportunities For the S*R Team's Success & Your Success

Just to add to Dave Hennen's Big Box Of "American
Civil War Commanders & Cavalry,"

OK here goes...

2 Complete sprews of U.S. Cavalry (in Mid-Blue &

Mounted Commanders for both sides

A sprew of head swaps with Kepi and Slouch hats for
conversions (matching colours for both armies)

All new set of Dismounted Cavalry as suggested
many times on this forum (in Mid-Blue & Gray),
could have the extra head swaps attached to
these new sprews.

New box colours with brighter surround to give a
whole new feel - maybe using blue,
or red and, or white.
The back of the box maybe depicting the figures
set up on a green cloth with hillsides and trees
for displaying purposes.
The front of the box should use what is most cost
effective for Strelets, but something that goes well
with the (All new) box colours.


And for the ancient period a new box, either a Big Box or a single box which can consist of:

A plastic wall with a milecastle (fit together
multi-parts most probably) staffed by a small
garrison of soldiers/ or a town wall and gatehouse
with soldiers firing down upon intruders with spears,
javelins, arrows and firing the ballista.

This could be done in a Big Box with some of the
previously released mini box sets of romans.


Cheers for invite to join the thread by the way.

Re: Re: New Opportunities For the S*R Team's Success & Your Success

I sure like the ideas of accessories, but, but, but, not just ACW. I would love to see sprews for doing Roman Heads Swops, Napoleonic Heads Swops, and all other popular themes, too!:

* A sprew of head swaps with Kepi and Slouch hats for
conversions (matching colours for both armies) and same for Nappys and Romans. They often borrowed left-over weapons and helmets

* All (any) new set(s) ... with the extra head swaps attached to these new sprews.

Please count my 1 Vote