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Re: Re: Poor sales?

I'll take your word for it, because you are an honest group. But, I'm surprised. Were these marketed well in the US? I find it hard to believe that some of the other things you have released don't fall into the same category. Not that they aren't nice, but some seem rather obscure. Perhaps the other problem with sales is that there was no counterpart to them? The classic toy soldier problem, no one to fight against.
Please don't give up on this. Perhaps rush an advisory out and sales will shoot up.

Re: Re: Re: Poor sales?

Dear Strelets, thank you for your answer. Like everyone else above, I am also surprised that set 1 sold poorly. I must agree with Jay however, that having no adversaries, maybe people were less inclined to buy it. Although I really like the style of your figures, I don't think that they fit in well with the sets I already have (Airfix Cavalry, Revell Indians and Cowboys). Having adversaries would make the set much more attractive to me. I did purchase boxes of this set because the Old West is facinating for me, but it was an exception and generally, if a set has no enemy to fight I will not buy it until one comes out, no matter how beautiful they are (the Emhar French and Zouave Franco Prussian War sets come to mind - they look great, but I am still waiting for the Prussians to come out before I buy all three sets). As your Set 1 is by far the best on the market right now, I sincerely hope that you will still consider Set 2 plus at least one enemy set. Despite your poor sales up to this point, I believe that there is still great potential for this historical period. Thanks!

PS It is interesting that Imex has (recently?) released big box sets of Little Bighorn and another one of a US fort being attacked. I am sure there is money in it for Stelets too!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Poor sales?

Dear Strelets,

I must say this is one of the few sets I have just one time in my collection. The reason is very simple, no other troops.

I have the Indians from Imex, Revell and metals as enemies, ok I have the poor Lucky-toys too but I have no cavalrymen or even infantrymen fighting on food. Beside this I thought the sabre wasn't used very much in the indian wars? With another set and maybe some Apaches I would decide to buy some more of them.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Poor sales? and cw TURKISH cRISIS

Mako's point ( i get behind and back up)reflects teh crisis of missing CW Turkish. The Turkish were the main opponent but no representation..

Strelets ACW

What we need is following sets:

Confederate command set 2 ( all generals and infantry officers on foot+ Jefferson Davis- we had Lincoln so why not Davis)
Confederate marines
Confenderate infantry ( if you dont want to make standard set then make one mini set)
Confederate militia
Confederate cavary
Confederate artilley

allready we have superb command sets both monetd and desmonted
Union cavalry set 1 and 2( in near future)
What we need is
Union infantry (look Confedrate infantry )
Union Artillery 2 sets (one field second siege artillery)
Union Marines
+ American Civil War Hospital set (Set that looks like CW Russian hospital set)

So what to you think about it?