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Re: US Cavalry Set 2!

Like Mako, I, too, would like to see the US cavalry set 2 produced for campaigns from the ACW to the Indian wars. Dismounted skirmishers would be a fantastic and adaptable asset.

Re: Re: US Cavalry Set 2!

For what it's worth, I've been a long-time supporter of Dismounted U.S. Cavalry.

I recall it has been mentioned before for Gettysburg Cavalry. They had some really beautifully detailed uniforms at that time. With kepis or caps, we could do head swops with the Plains Cavalry with their stetsons.

Airfix has been running their original U.S. Cavalry moulds since the 1960's. This helps to show that a nicely set well done never goes out of style and will continue to pay for itself for generations even!

So, 1 vote here.

Re: US Cavalry Set 2!

I am very excited about dismounted cavalry sets! they are extremely necessary for ACW & Indian wars! so far all we have are the unavailable & historically inaccurate Atlantic set, the not terribly good Lucky Toys set & a few figs from Imex.

tho i will certainly buy several of them, i don't quite understand all the hoopla about the CW Turks? i'm sure they'll get made, but i would much rather see the looooong overdue Colonial Highlanders 1st!

Re: US Cavalry Set 2!

Nope, you are not alone, I have wanted set no. 2 for a long time too! And some Plains Tribes or Apaches would be welcome too. I would even settle for mini sets of these. They would have more than enough poses since we have mounted guys already.

Strelets do you need pictures?....

or pose ideas?

In a mini set of 12 poses you'd only need:

1. an officer firing or directing
2. standing firing
3. kneeling firing
4. kneeling loading carbine
5. standing blowing bugle with pistol in other hand
6. standing or kneeling with guidon
7. standing holding horses (with or without pistol, and carbine slung on shoulder)
8. horse to be held (either standing there or a little skittish)
9. lying prone or at low crouch behind dead horse
10. dead horse
11. standing or kneeling firing pistol
12. if the horses take too much room on the sprue, then no 12th pose or pick any pose

And if these guys all wear campaign hats instead of kepis, they could be used for either ACW or Indian Wars.

I would prefer looped cartridge belts and a mix of jackets and undershirts, but jackets with an earlier cartridge belt that could be used for ACW and early Indian Wars is fine. What would everyone want?

The various Indian tribes could be done the same way, but if you want to do it right with a few mounted (surprisingly, Apache and Sioux didn't always fight on horsback like in Hollywood, but you need a few mounted), a few fighting poses and preferably a few camp women, it would be best in a regular sized box. But a mini box of mounted Sioux or Cheyenne or dismounted Nez Perce or Apache would be better than nothing.

Re: Strelets do you need pictures?....

Wow, Arlin!

Well said and chosen poses and details. I hope the S*R Team prints out a copy of your suggestions and passes it around to the guys.

I'll bet they have a sculptor there who would love to make these come to life ... :-)

Ditto, again, my 1 Vote +++ !

Thank you for your suggestions and thank you to S*R in advance for listening.

Wild West, ACW a must for SR team!

Make that two votes. Great ideas Arlin. Your suggestions are spot on. I wish tha SR would continue the wild west series. Can you imaging dismounted cav, indians and cowboys in the sculpting style of the SR Boers? I wish the SR team would also do ACW.

Re: Wild West, ACW a must for SR team!

Yes I can imagine! Oh wow! They would be Awesome! I love the Boers they did.

Re: Re: Wild West, ACW a must for SR team!

I absolutely agree with Arlin and Scott. Great ideas! Definitely mini sets would certainly do the job (although we can always hope for full sets!) Every time I take out my SR Boer Infantry I cant help but think what a fantastic job that sculptor would do for various Wild West themes. Also, I definitely second Arlins suggestion of having the men wear campaign hats rather than kepis, and wear a variety of clothing; a campaign look rather than a parade look. Certainly it would be ideal to have sets of mounted and foot enemies (I vote for Apaches), but I would be satisfied with even just one set of minis. I hope you are listening Strelets!

Re: Re: Re: Wild West, ACW a must for SR team!

I would love to see mixed set with 6 horse poses or soldiers with horses something like 2 poses of death horses.One wonded horse.Some soldier holding 2 horses and one soldier shoting with rifle not from the side of horse but from the front of his horse about his head or close next to head but not from the side as we have planty figures like that.Some comand figures.Camp lying eating geting woud-woud cuting...and another set mini set with no oficers some more comon dismonted men.

Re: Re: US Cavalry Set 2!

Seems like it's been so long since set 1 came out I forgot about it. So, let's get going on these!