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Into The Valley of Death - Big Box Value

My usual suppliers charge $40 and $48 respectively for this set. Based on a hint in the thread below, I searched in eBay and found the Big Box for sale at $27.99 and a flat fee of $7 S&H for both.

Putting my money where my mouth is, I bought 2 sets, one for de-sprewing and one for conversions or just to look at on the sprews. My observations:

* The 4th set of Valley Casualties is actually could be considered 1-1/2 sets. It comes with 12 complete Cavalry plus an additional sprew of walking-wounded, as based in the famous paintings. With riding casualties, you actually get 14 Troopers, plus the 12 foot. So that's nearly a set and a half in one, plus the other 3 sets.

* The other 3 sets are the previous releases.

Summary: All in all, with 4-1/2 sets, it is a pretty awesome box. For someone who is new to the hobby this box would be a super discovery. At the price of $27.99, plus fixed S&H it is certainly good value for first-timers.

Focusing on these considerations, I'll finish here, and give my compliments to the sculptor - outstanding work! The Valley sprews make up another Masterpiece in 1/72.

Re: Into The Valley of Death - Big Box Value

nice so you boutgth one to open and paint and anohter to sell ??? am i rigth ???
btw do you want that film 1612 ???

Re: Re: Into The Valley of Death - Big Box Value

Hi Kert,

Actually, I have always bought only for my pleasure. This is a hobby to me, not a business. I always like to have one complete set on sprews still in the box, just to be able to take out and look at as if it were just bought. Plus extras, if possible, for conversions.

I would love to have more than 2 sets of the Valley Casualties. Truthfully, I purchased a minimum of 20 boxes of each British Cavalry already back in Japan. I have hundreds of boxes of them already and I could be a dealer, but never my intention. And, no! I'm not rich. I walked everywhere in Japan or took a train rather than buying a car. To add to my hobby, I gave up other things.

I have learned in life that, if economically possible at the time, it is better to over purchase, rather than underpurchase. Within good reason, I always hope not to miss out on a set I'd enjoy having.

This is one reason I recommended in favor of S*R doing some runs in other colors. I'd love to have the Hussars and Lancers in Mid-Blue too. I'd spend the money again, in this case, but not for more of the same color. I simply have soo many already in Terracotta, although I love them.

I will e-mail you this weekend about the film 1612 ++. :-) That's personal for off Forum. And thank you for asking. Talk real soon - Dave H.

Re: To Strelets

After looking over the box, first I think the cover art work is really beautiful. I think it is a compilation of a couple of pictures. I have the same ones in the S*R books I've been making of your sets since the beginning. Well done. Captures the moment!

For your Big Box Series, I'm going to recommend the following: Because the box has all British Cavalry sets inside, a large portion of the back-box space should go to advertising/recommending the appropriate Russian apponent sets. You should be recommending the previously released set Russian General Staff and Hospital followed by the other single-box-sets. So, if you had a list with small pics like thumbnails, the purchaser - kid - Dad - Mom will be more likely to go ahead and buy the Russian opponents at the same time, both Big Box, or single-set, depending on the budget for the day. But you always have to sell them at least one set of opponents. This isn't 54mm, and a Big Box has to give you a plan for at least one battle to build from.

The back of the box should be an advertising billboard for you, to promote the current Russian sets, and also the future Russian sets.

Although I enjoy reading the Kipling and Tennyson works, I would recommend they be typed up on an A-4 sheet, Xerox copied, and inserted inside the box, with any other instructions.

BTW, I've always liked instructions. In this case, they should show a possible table-top scenareio of how to set up the contents of the box. They could also recommend the other Russian sets and how to set them up with these.

Re: Into The Valley of Death - Big Box Value

hello dave i didnt think that you are rich but let that be those BB are nice but i am thinking that why does not strelets make More napoleonic BB
Siege of Saragossa
( Polish infantry and french engeneers,
Polish grenadiers and foot soldiers , Artillery,Spanish defenders )
New Borodino set
Allied Command set
French Command set
French infantry and artillery
Russian infantry and artillery

and more similar sets

Battle of Tannenberg
Russian infantry
Germans infantry
Russian cavarly
German cavalry
+ artillery

Those simpley are examples what kind of BB i would buy if they arrive

Re: Re: Into The Valley of Death - Big Box Value

Good idea, Kert. I've bought 1 or 2 boxes each of all the Napoleonic Command sets. I think they are really great and had to have them.

I even borrowed some parts to make-up my Alamo Santa Anna Command group as conversions. Santa Anna copied the French, so the Nappy Command set had conversion possibilities for Mexican Officers also.

But my Nappy collection is very limited. I may regret it later.

There have been many requests for a newer updated Nappy Camp Life set, so with that in mind, your idea may become reality.

But you guys will have to recommend Nappys. My interests are in Colonials, Western, up to WWI.

Re: Re: Re: Into The Valley of Death - Big Box Value

Dave, you certainly put your money where your mouth is by buying 20 boxes of each British cav set. Do you have an equal number of infantry?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Into The Valley of Death - Big Box Value

Hi Scott,

Yes, no bull! The old Marx HO Mini Set of "Charge of the Light Brigade" painted up in the scarlet red with gold helmets and white trousers made a life-long lasting impression on me. I had one Big Box set, but hated the way the rifles and lances broke off cause of the crummy-quality hard plastic.

When S*R came out with the 17th Lancers in the soft plastic and Terracotta color, I pre-ordered twice as many sets as I thought I would need from my suppliers. It was easy to afford in Japan, cause the money was easy and my Japanese wife worked also.

Regarding infantry, because there are so many more men in a box, I ordered about 10-15 of each, depending on convertibility. I got more of the latest British with the Pill-Box hats with button on top for conversions. I like shakos, but the cap is coolest!

I come from a single-parent family, the youngest of 3 boys, and missed out the first time on some classic sets, but not a second time !!! Know what I mean ... :-)?

This is why I am a big supporter of S*R. They deliver the sets I love, in every way.

But I do put my money where my mouth is. I've been a big supporter of S*R since their early days, and they are by far my biggest investment in figurines of my collection.

Really, no bull! It's just a hobby for me, not a business.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Into The Valley of Death - Big Box Value

I believe you Dave. I was just wondering if you had a lot of infantry. I love the highlanders. They are the best!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Into The Valley of Death - Big Box Value

Hi Scott,

The Highlanders are certainly one of my favorites too. I'm sorry for sounding defensive, or too long winded. Although it's not a business for me, did I mention the word "passion" anywhere? Cheers!

Have a great Sunday

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Into The Valley of Death - Big Box Value

I too will be buying this set in the near future, purely for personal pleasure (although I think I'll paint them too)