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Possible new napoleonics

Mini Polish legion foot soldiers summer uniforms second set in winter uniforms ( we already have command set so we need foot soldiers
Polish lancers both summer and winter uniforms
Polish artillery
Mini Spanish infantry 1807-1811
command summer and winter uniforms
Spanish artillery
Prussian army in invasion to Russia
Russian monted command set

and more

Re: Possible new napoleonics

yes yes yes
and some goods prussian and austrian cavalry sets

Re: Re: Possible new napoleonics


I think that army on march is a great idea.

For napoleonic war i think that for example

Chasseur à cheval and Dragon for the french cavalry and french

infantry in greatcoat or not are very appropriate.

For the other army all type of troop very common (like line infantry and line cavalry) are welcome.

thanks in advance to think about that


Re: Re: Re: Possible new napoleonics


Re: Re: Re: Re: Possible new napoleonics

indeed sets on the march, nice for dioramas and wargamers.



Re: Possible new napoleonics

Dear Kert,

two sets out of your list will be released in 2008, one of them in March.



Re: Re: Possible new napoleonics

Giggity Gigitty goo!

Wow- that was a great list and teo off it will kick ass!

cheers strelets

Re: Possible new napoleonics

and they are my thinking are they Poles???

Re: Re: Possible new napoleonics

Dear Strelets...

The set never done:

Prussian National Cavalry Regiments of 1813. Maybe just 1 set with 6 figures from the National Pommeranian Regiment and 6 figures from the East Prussian Regiment. The Silesian is not necessary they dressed as Hussars. It would be great and these are never done before units and very important for anyone with an interest in 1813/1815 - Please???

Many thanks

Re: Re: Re: Possible new napoleonics

I second Prussian national cavalry regiments. überhaupt ;) do we 'need' much more Prussian and otner german units for the war of liberation.



Re: Possible new napoleonics

yes i hope too prussian cavalry for 1813-1815
and the french cavalry dragoons -chasseurs a cheval -hussars (shako rouleau)-french lancers- polish lancers

Re: Possible new napoleonics

What is really missing is basic prussian landwehr cavalry.

Re: Re: Possible new napoleonics

I agre I would love marshing poses for especialy French,austrians,prusians,rusians,british and poles for mini sets that would be the best.

Also some sets like british squares for waterloo.First line kneling with bayonets directed towards enemy horses(ponted to the chest of horse)-I would love to have of these at least 3 poses.Second line standing and firing-Third line with muskets with bayonets about there heads-2-3 poses would me suficient.

To make all armies with few but well selected poses
which u can use them in mass.Napoleonic wars was mostly about marching and keeping up soldiers in line.

Also dont forget Austrians-Manly Cuirassiers and dragoons-With comand figures for hat sets- just 4poses to add some wariety and especaly officers.French lancers its must have-I dont like hat set at all.Also as i was mentioning earlier French horse grenadiers in new uniforme for 100 days.And finly polish lanciers(hulans)in winter coats.

And i could go on..........and on.
Thanks for your time(for reading my post)
Best regards to all

Re: Possible new napoleonics

I'm in favor of most of the kits suggested above, however, I would like to add one more to the list:

1805 Helmeted Austrian infantry. Marching or in action, or both even.

Esci Austrians

can someone tell me where i can get my hands on Esci prussian austrian set??? 2 boxes