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Re: To Strelets: CW Artillery and Big Box Suggestion

Dear Scott,

the big box idea is based around a simple fact: the command or specialised sets these days don't pay back, therefore there should be something that will compensate for that.
People don't usually need 2 Napoleons, Neys or Edwards I, especially in similar poses, so the chances that they will buy more than one BB set are rather slim. In contast, if you are building up an army you normally need more than 1 infantry/cavalry/artillery set.
Therefore, if you put all new sets in a BB, in order to build an army you will need several of these boxes ending up with 5 similar commanders, ADCs, doctors, etc. In this case we will have completely grounded complaints that 1/4 of the BB contents is not nessessary and should go to a bin. From the other side, one can never have enough troops, even if you've bought some before, so we decided that it will be a less evil out of the two.
At the moment CW Russian Grenadiers and mounted Terek cossacks have been sold out completely and not available other than in big boxes. British Hussars are also comint to an end.
We are investigating the possibility of making other artillery sets for the CW armies but we are somewhat short of information on the subject. We will eventually make them but don't have exact dates for them. Apart from that we will definitely make redoubt accessories, possibly, as a part of BB set. Dave Hennen gave us a very interesting drawing of how that can be done, though we can't tell you the dates at the moment either.

Best regards,


Thank you for the information

Re: Re: To Strelets: CW Artillery and Big Box Suggestion

Dear Strelets,

in case you need some more information on allied artillery for the Crimea, just ask.
There are good articles and drawings for the British army available. And the same goes for the other nations too.


Thanks Strelets

Strelets - Thanks for answering my questions and for weighing in on the Big Box debate. Your Crimean range is my favorite and I can't wait for redoubts and artillery. Keep up the good work!

Re: Thanks Strelets - big box debate

I still think a big box is a good thing. Yes sometimes you get to repeat some figures, but isn't that always the case. When we buy regular boxes, aren't there poses we don't like and never use? For example I never use kneeling figures for my napoleonic wargames battalions.. but what can I do?

On the other hand big boxes can prepare a full range of available figures as converting bases and others...

After all it also depends on how much we pay for the vendors profit margins...