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Re: Re: Re: Re: forum opinion - big box forumat is a rip off

"Welcome to the Strelets Forum. Please feel free to discuss any aspect of 1/72 scale plastic figures, not simply Strelets. If you have any questions about our products then we will answer them here."

This is the welcome message at the top. sr should know how it's customers feel. This forum's members have been excellent about self-policing itself and have given much great advice to sr as well as each other.

Topics that are important, simply have to be reopened periodically as memories fade, there is a turn-over in members, and industry and situations change. Everyone should be encouraged to re-visit topics periodically and express their wishes.

I think we have heaped tons of praises on sr for it's excellent products. But we mustn't be afraid to express something we are not pleased about also. So long as we are contributing suggestions for consideration, then the forum is fulfilling it's purpose.

sr's part of my collection has long been a favorite which will stay with me until the end. If we didn't care, we wouldn't bother to go out on a limb and try to make things better for sr, it's customers, and the hobby. I think everyone benefits from sincere discussion, especially when there are differing opinions.

This is how everyone should be able to get what they want and win in the end.

I didn't buy the Kings Court bb set because of the cost/set mix. I was able to buy a few sets of the Russian bb new sets separately because of my supplier.

But I'm still warming up to the latest bb sets. This means I've not bought the last 2 yet because of hesitation. This means sr is losing sales from me, and maybe others too. They should know this. For a seasoned collector like myself, and some other forum members, 1 new and 3 old sets isn't attractive.

I think something needs to be done to make it easier for us seasoned guys, although the bb sets should still be available.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: forum opinion - big box forumat is a rip off

Why don't they sell the BB AND the single new set at the same time?
At the moment, the BB attracts newcomers and a few "old" collectors. It seems like most of the old ones are quite annoyed and reluctant to buy them.
Selling the BB and the single set at the same time SR would still get the newcomers and the loss of the few "old" ones would be easily recovered by purchases by all the rest of old collectors...

Estimate the cost dudes and dont be too hard on them

I dont think there can be a lot of mark up on the figures.To make a profit strelets has to cover

designer/sculptor costs
mold making
art work
bank charges interest
box material from printers
shipping from ukraine
alot of time and cordination

on one regular size box i reckon they are lucky to make 2UKPounds clear profit on what they sell to hannants etc

with the big boxes they are trying to reduce deficit
and prod sales figures to be able to reinvest and make more.Its a sensible business move.It helps move stock from a shelf ,and keep the retailers happy to stock their products.

the big boxes at least got the Russian Command and Charge of th eLight brigade casualty sets for us.So look on the bright side of life.

Re: Estimate the cost dudes and dont be too hard on them

Hank, I agree with you 100%. I'm sticking by Strelets on this one. I want them to stay in business and I want CW sets, so if this is what it takes, then fine by me. One big box set is cheaper that 18 54mm soldiers, so guys if you think this is pricey then think again. If Strelets makes one CW set a year and sells it in big box with three other sets I already have, then I'm buying. If you don't want to buy that's your choice; just don't complain if they stop making CW and stop wondering why napoleonic and other sets take precedence.

Strelets just need to let us know

So as others have mentioned, we didn't have to buy sets we already have. So, either let us know at the beginning that it's possible this or that set will be part of a big box (because you know you might do one sprue of command set), or maybe hold off on releasing sets until you can do them all together. I might have bought the Medeivel set or the Russian Command set if I hadn't already bought the other sets.

Just give us a heads up. Let us in on the ideas and processes. We can choose to hold off if we want to buy a big box, or buy them singly, but give us a choice.

Would it be easier to hold the sets til they are all done? (but please let us see what is in it so we can know).

Would it be easier to do what you've already done and sell sets as they come out and do a big box with those and a new one later (which if that's what works, all I ask is you let us know that so we will wait to buy the big box).

Re: Strelets just need to let us know

Anyone can see this on sr's homepage ...

"Strelets*R was founded in 1998 to fill the gaps in the figure market that had previously had to be filled with conversions by collectors themselves."

This is no longer true.

Romans, Barbarians, Roman Aux's, Rome's Buddys who look just like Rome's enemies, more knights, and more knights ...

... HaT, ... Zvezda, ... Italeri, ... Airfix, ... Ceasar, ... Evolution, ... Lucky Toys, ... Revell, ... Valdemar, ... Miniknight, ... and other small companies, have already done, or have previously released your newest sets.

Kinda conflicts with the Mission Statement, doesn't it?

Worse yet, sr has completly ignored their "Inside Customers."

Since 1997, before sr existed, many began e-mailing HaT, always getting an immediate response. And it was never a no in my case. I was always encouraged to speak out and ask for what I wanted. And when the HaT Forum was begun, I was told to fight for my preferences there. And since then, the customers get what they wanted. In fact, still do!

Here, I'm told via the homepage to view my opinion on the forum, "where questions are answered" but my comments have gone comepletely ignored during this entire thread.

Thanks for ignoring your best friends and customers any small company, especially from Ukraine, could ever want. HaT would love all of these guys to jump ship ... especially when people come here to falsely accuse them of not listening and responding.

But response here ... ? How long should I check back?

$40 USD a box ... for a new Crimean Set? ... with 3 more sets your best customers already purchased.

Your customers have given you good ideas, and asked for small considerations, but ... Silence!

If you don't agree with what has been said, then consider this ... "One of your Customers comes from a generation where the Customer was considered King, and manufacturors wanted to impress Customers."

The Forum has spoken out, and an answer is warrented from you. Especially, because, "This is where your questions are answered" in your own words (reminder of your mission statement).

This could be a self fulfilling prophesy...

you have to throw a bunch of sets in the big box that aren't selling and throw one special sprue in there to force people to buy everything to get that one sprue. So people may stop buying individual sets and wait for the big box. Thus, since you aren't selling the sets, I guess you're forced to do the big box to sell all these sets no one is buying.

Like I said, a little communication will go a long way.

Re: Re: Strelets just need to let us know

Dear ThePinkPanther,

with all due respect, while we are doing everything possible to answer the incoming questions, we can't guarantee to answer every single one. If you imagine hundreds of people working for Strelets, this message will be disappointing to you: few people behind Strelets have very demanding day-time jobs and can devote to the forum only part of their time free from the main job, family and other matters. If we could have a profit per box that was assumed earlier in this thead, we could have devoted more time to this business but since that is not the case, we can do just what we are doing now. We are sorry if it comes as a disappointment to you but that's the reality one should live with.

Best regards,



I've gottas agree. Especailly when I have to buy four sets that I already have such as the medievil england set. You have my vote there.

On the other hand, If Streletes were to issue a supper set of, lets say all of the Roman or Crusade sets, much like IMEX did with their cival war sets, I would support the concept, so long as there was a significant savings over buying all of the sets seperately.

I get big box sets for $27. Vendors (not SR) is riping you off.

someone commented about the home page and mission statement. Who gives a crap? So what if the mission statement isn't updated? I don't give a flying f***. Strelts has dramatically increased output with great new sets. Should I be dissapointed that they have spent time in design and production instead of BS marketing? Strelets answers plenty of questions, and those that they don't answer are for a reason. Probably has something to do with competition. I asked a question above and it probably won't get answered. So what? Strelets has answered plenty of questions here. Maybe they are busy "doing" and have less time to answer questions than in the old days.

Second, I guess I better buy all the extra CW sets I want cause after reading the negative big box posts here there won't be any new CW ets for a while.

By the way

"Big Box" sets and repackaging is not indemic to Strelets. Look around next time you go to the store. Anyone who has other hobbies, such as Star Wars, can tell you that companies like Hasbro do this all the time. It's business 101 folks.

Be nice to hear something from Strelets at this point

Think we had a little modicom of clearing the air.
Cant be easy not being able to please everybody all the time.So LETS TURN DOWN THE HEAT and as they say in show biz....ask

Whats up doc !

No answer is a loud reply

Re: I get big box sets for $27. Vendors (not SR) is riping you off.

Dear Scott,

the delays usually are caused not by a competition but by far more simple things, like temporary absence, holidays or alike.



Re: forum opinion - big box forumat is a rip off

Dear Dave,

a small remark just to make the accounting right: usually the BB sets should cost like 3, not 4 single sets, therefore just 66 % of your money should be wasted, not 75 %.

The production run of BB sets is about 1.000 boxes only, our guts feeling is that in several years' time they should be worth more than they are worth now, therefore compensating you for the rip off of today.

Best regards,


The big box is a great deal

Well said strelets. It's true that the value will increase in time. I can also imagine that when the artillery sets and Turkish figures will come out people will realise they need more russians or allies to go with them. So those "wasted" figures you don't need right now might be very usefull in the future.

Concerning the price I would like to say the following: it's not strelets ripping you off it's the vendors asking a lot. I bought the CW Russian staff set for 19 euro 50. So thats 5 euros a set. If you consider that the same vendor sells the standard sets for 8, 50 you can see it's a deal. So I bought several staff sets for the grenadiers and artillery, more then the staff set.

Re: The big box is a great deal


Re: Re: forum opinion - big box forumat is a rip off

Dear Strelets,

Well, I had hoped your response a couple of days ago above in another thread and mine also cleared the dust, but my gut feeling today tells me not.

Regardless of price, any time I would not need 3/4's (or 75%) of the contents of a purchase, whether I paid $1, $100, or more ... you know.

I'll take comfort in your prediction that in 10 years time I can get my money back when I sell off all this stuff.

Thank you for the advice.

Best Regards

Re: Re: Re: forum opinion - big box forumat is a Tip Off

You certainly butter no parsnips here (not that I'm saying the big box concept is a parsnip but more of a carrot for those who as you say own 3/4's of the figs on offer).

Strelets say's thier sets are worth investing. True, I believe them (the silver you pay today will water the gold carats of tomorrow)

With only a run of a thousand boxes it's not strictly speaking surplus stock. $_$ kerching! kerching!

Happy Collecting

Re: Re: Re: Re: forum opinion - big box forumat is a Tip Off

...and I'm sure those extra figs will start to repay the loan for being housed in such a big box.

No seriously I'm happy to see any CW range on offer by Strelets and make our hobby prosper for future generations to come (as I'm sure everybody does here).

Thank you Strelets

( Tip-off as in sport or betting ) Just incase anyone's still reading this thread.

Just in case I might have sounded offensive, just meant that I think the set is a good tip for as they say collectable in the future.

Viva Strelets figures

Happy collecting

Re: ( Tip-off as in sport or betting ) Just incase anyone's still reading this thread.

Dear S Kol,

I hope you'll jump in and add your opinion at the top of the page. Strelets is looking for ways to increase profits from existing production and Big Boxes and there may be some ways to do it by putting together different combinations ... Please jump up there! All opinions should certainly be welcome.

Happy Collecting too!