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Heavy Brigade! Hmmm, let us speculate, shall we?

So much for my grand slam dream of a big box set containing Turks, French cav, British grenadiers and Turkish cav. With that out of the way, I can't wait for the Heavy Brigade, but what will be in the box? Here's what I think:

Scot's Greys
Heavy Dragoons
French Chasseurs D'Afrique

That ought to complete Balaclava, eh.

strelets caught us out last time

Heavy Cavalry set....(strictly teh cavalry old bean)
Heavy Dragoons 1 box,Scots Grays 1 box
Horse Artillery would be a sales smart set
Chasseurs D'Afrique/Spahis French Cavalry dragoons

Balaclava Defence Set
Land Transport Corps/mules/AMMO PARTIES
Turkish Infantry
Foot Guards
Royal Foot Artillery plus 32 pounder

Re: strelets caught us out last time

Not to forget Prisoners from the Greek batallion that was stationed in Balaklava before the British landing


Re: Re: strelets caught us out last time

Can't wait for this set. I wish Strelets would finish the CW range this year.

Re: Re: Re: strelets caught us out last time

Well I'm into conversion mode, cant wait forever.
Haevy set - Who knows

French Dragoons(pheasable) and French Cavalry with Scots Grays and Brit Dragoons would excite both CW and FP gamers.

We'll find out sometime, until then I got some CW Johnny Turk ammo/supply parties in teh making. I need to make this by June before the paint dries too fast in teh heat here.