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Strelets WWI Russian Inf

This is another 1/72 dream come true! Sorry, but I don't like any of the HaT WW1 sets released so far. In fact, I don't like any recent WW1 releases except for the Strelets cavalry sets, and even then I only bought a couple of sets because I decided there was no use when only crappy infantry sets are on the market. With this news I will now buy all the WW1 Strelets cav sets. Here's hoping that they also make Germans, Austrians, Brits, Turks, Serbs, French, Belgians, US and artillery from all nations. I can't wait!

Re: Strelets WWI Russian Inf

I am hoping to see RCW sets in the future as we need them wery much but some hät sets are nice early war french i like and german

Re: Re: Strelets WWI Russian Inf

Hi Kert, I too long for RCW sets, but I think these new strelets sets will be a good starting point.