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SET 902 Strelets Brings on the CW Heavy Brigade

Well wonder what teh composition will be.1 Scots grey ,2 heavy dragoons,and ?

Wieh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WW1 Russians :)

How wonderful strelts to do those ww1 russians:) Splendid, realy looking forward to them. (and other nice March releases too...:)



Re: Wieh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WW1 Russians :)

Hi Hank,

the heavy brigade with a commend set of cavalry?

Or Turkish cavalry behind the British?

Maybe tents or British RHA?

No matter what, I am eager to get it!


Re: Re: Wieh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WW1 Russians :)

Wow, I can't wait for this set to come out. Strelets is smart to do these big box sets because we WILL buy them. **** I'm going to run out of cash quick.

Oh no......I just found out its a --

Its a Bwittish Tea party ,of tourists watching teh battle thru operwatic and optical instruments from their voitures de chevaux mon amis.chuckle

Only kidding .But wait is