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Re: Some other masters here:

On your website you say that the russian knights are just a project and they might NOT be made...please, make them!! They are breathtaking!!
PS. Do you have a supplier for Australia?

Not exactly an action figure, unless.....thats not a throne

Forgive me but i am trying to figure out exactly what all the fuss is all about.

I'd rather see such a model in a sedan chair at least then we can get the "pious looking chap " onto a battle field without interupting whatever he is supposed to be doing.

Re: Most awesome 1/72 scale sculpturing ever?

These figures are for us doll house collectors Hank, not serious army men collectors like you.

Re: Re: Most awesome 1/72 scale sculpturing ever?

Yeah! I hope 'Sad Mister Custard' and his 'aliases' banned from the HaT forum don't see this, he/they will have a fit! Now... where's my dolls house?

Re: Most awesome 1/72 scale sculpturing ever?

I hope that we won't lose too much detail once it is reduced to 1/72. Also, it would be nice if the throne and the king came as separate items. There is a lack of 1/72 'doll house' furniture, and perhaps other figures could sit on the throne as well, I'm thinking of Atlantic's figures here.

Re: Re: Most awesome 1/72 scale sculpturing ever?

Excellent sculpting !!!

Da Vinci's valdemar chair

Come on now guys I still cant see what teh excitement is all about unless there is some super secret freemasonry etching on the chair.THIS DUDE HAS NOT EVEN A SWISS ARMY KNIFE TO DEFEND HIMSELF WITH.

Re: Most awesome 1/72 scale sculpturing ever?

Hi Valdemar!

Yes, it sure is beautiful.

As for me, a soft plastic collector, I'll suggest anyway that if the 2 animals and throne plugged down onto the base, and the King sat in his throne, I'd buy it.

I think some subjects kneeling, one or 2 prisoners in chains, others arguing points, and maybe even a Queen in her own chair, and a priest or two, to begin with, would make a great set.

As I said, I'd buy soft plastic. But regardless, the sculptor is talented!

Here's to a great 2008!

Re: Re: Most awesome 1/72 scale sculpturing ever?

Can't see any use for it on a battlefield but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the artistry and talent. I might buy it just to own such a pretty figure, might even be tempted to make a little diorama for display. BTW the Russian knights are gorgeous,as is the Strelets Alexander Nevsky army, and I am getting sorely tempted into buying a medieval Russian army - that mix of European and middle eastern/Byzantine like armour is just so cool - I think I must be kinky for chainmail and nasals!

Re: Re: Re: Most awesome 1/72 scale sculpturing ever?

i think the king would look cool inside a zvezda castle. you have to make sure you can remove a roof from a building for show, but as an extra detail, it would be very nice. after all, not all kings always fought or led armies in the field. some let their generals or right hand nobles do it. if the game objective is, 'fight your way into the castle to get the king', well, you get my drift.

Re: Most awesome 1/72 scale sculpturing ever?

I love it too bad they will not be in plastic:(