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Re: Re: Re: Great chasseurs

Hi Tom,

older Ospreys are not often the best joice, but I can see you used no box-cover.

Take a look at this link:

The uniforms are very good researched and it could be maybe useful for one of your next paintjobs which I am eager to see.


Re: Re: Re: Great chasseurs

Hi Tom!

If you were going for grenadiers of the old guard, then only really the cords want painting, the rest doesn't matter that much.

If you were going for chasseurs of the old gurad, then the top of the epaulettes should be green as should the base of the plume. (that can easily be added if you wanted!) The cords as someone mentioned should be white still, but the chassuers had no bronze plate on the front, which isn't sculpted on these guys.

those main bits are fixable if you want, but either way make sure you have fun with them! I can't believe how quick you seem to have done them in!

P.S if you need any help or suggestions just let us know here or on Bennos board and we'll do all we can to help.