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Re: Re: Roman sets re-run

Bert, I don't paint my figures either and prefer to keep each army in a similar color, so your point about gray is well taken. With that said, I don't think it would hurt to field future releases in other colors considering that the Romans battled one anohter and this would allow one to easily distinguish one army from another. I'm tired of gray and tan personally.

Re: Re: Re: Roman sets re-run

I thought that the Strelets molds were only good for one production run.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Roman sets re-run - More Colors are Better

I wish S*R had run the Romans in Silver to begin with.

The figures should in some small way be represented by something of it's original uniform's colors.

For Romans I'd like to find in stores the colors I'm aware of worn by the Legionnaires and Marines:

* Silver (Legionnaire)
* Terracotta Red (Legionnaire)
* Blue (Marines)
* Gray (Auxillaries)

I quit collecting other sets when everything came out in Gray for so long. Luckily colors are getting the attention they deserve.

I'd like to see all colors made, but first in the order above.