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and napoleonic sets

-french horse grenadiers (12 great poses not 4 like hat)
-a mixed set of carabiniers and dragoons standing(the 2 italeri sets charging are so good)
-french lancers (the hat set is bad)
-french mounted chasseurs before 1812 and after 1812
-french dragoons after 1812
- hussars with cylindrical shakoes
- mini set french artillery one for 1805 and one after 1812
- mini set french light infantry carabiniers
-austrian cuirassiers
-austrian chevauxleger
-prussian hulans 1815 and artillery 1806
i hope ...........
i love your french cuirassiers and hussars the eclaireurs too
thank you

Re: and napoleonic sets

Good wishlist!

Re: and napoleonic sets

My bad I didnt notice your post I agree these too.
And dismonted and casulaties of french cuirassiers for waterloo-Planty of them died over there in 1815
And mini set of british infantry to make squars for waterloo

Best regards and thank Strelets for nice cuirassiers

Re: Re: and napoleonic sets

Austrians, more Austrians of any kind.

Re: Re: Re: and napoleonic sets

If Austrians, could they be made in white plastic?

I know that whote is a "no-no" for plastic soldiers, but have never understood why. As most of my Naps have white trousers (and tend to flex around the legs) and lots of white belts etc, it would seem to be a no brainer. But what do I know....