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If only . .

French Cavalry, British Grenadiers, British Light Infantry and Turkish Infantry in Big Box format?

This would be a homerun.(No this would be teh superbowl )

Re: If only . .

If I had to make a guess, it's a Big Box set with French figures. French Light Infantry, Crimean War Zouaves, French Cavalry and a French Command set.

Re: Re: If only . .

...Or maybe Inkerman with some new British infantry...
..light and guards.


Re: Re: If only . .

Jan - You are probably closser to reality than my dream of four new sets in a big box. However, with all the uproar over a set of Turks (me included), I have to think that the next big box will at least contain Turkish infantry.

Re: to strelets

The S*R Team needs to seriously consider more Accessroy sets, as mentioned, such as the Attack on the Great Redoubt.

Whether Marx, Airfix, Revell, S*R, Zvezda, HaT ... etc, accessories should be easy money as they work for so many eras, and all generations of collectors will keep searching for them, even long after us.

Thanks for listening ... :-)

Re: Re: to strelets

Wieh! More ww1:) (i hope infantry this time, or art.)



Re: Re: Hey Dave for some reasons u dont get my emails

Hi dave Im sending you emails but probably it is not c geting through.How you doing?

I agrre with Dave would be nice to see more accesories

Re: Re: Re: Hey Dave for some reasons u dont get my emails

Hi Pavol!

I will send you an e-mail to your address above. Glad to see you back on the forum.

Talk soon!

Re: Re: Re: Hey Dave for some reasons u dont get my emails

Hi again, Pavol!

I sent you an e-mail. The last one I got from you was dated December 10, 2007. Sorry I did not reply sooner - oops!

And continue to send in your comments to this forum. You have a unique and interesting knowledge of military history.

Take care! - Dave

Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey Dave for some reasons u dont get my emails

tanks Dave-too bad my writing is so bad.I speak much bether in english than I write.I wasnt here for quite long.But now Im back and see many new sets.

I have send you email today my good friend.

Re: Re: to strelets

Preach on brother Dave. Accessories indeed in nice soft Strelets plastic would be welcome.