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I think either war would be awesome........

I think the Russian Infantry in the 'summer uniform' would work for either conflict. Just paint the pants differently. I would just be glad to see something other than Nappys, Medievels, or Ancients ;-)

Just my luck, no interest in the only eras everyone makes! I really WANT to spend my money on more toy soldiers! You'd think since I have such a diverse interest in military history (1850s to WWII) that surely something would get made that I want, but recently, it has been tons of sets I don't have an interest in (look how diplomatically I worded that!).

I am eagerly hoping that 2008 has tons of sets for me!!

And in regards to another comment for Apaches or Comanches, I am fully in support of that! I have put together Little Bighorn sets (Sioux Camp-Atlantic Camp, some IMEX camp, Hong Kong and Marx Sioux to fend off Reno's initial attack, Gall's Sioux are IMEX, Crazy Horse's warriors are Atlantic Sioux, Lame White Man's Cheyenne are Lucky Toys and Revell Indians, Custer's Brigade are mounted Airfix, and Atlantic, and maybe Waterloo 1815, and Atlantic and Lucky's dismounted troops, Reno's brigade consists of a troop of Atlantic and Strelets mounted Cav, Benteen only has Airfix right now, and McDougal's pack train has no troop or any pack mules). Strelets Cavalry (led by a mounted Howard from the Strelets ACW Union set) are chasing Nez Perce (starring Airfix Indians as Nez Perce, they are armed with traditional weapons and the box art features a mountain setting, so they are Nez Perce to me). But I digress, as usual!

But anything in the 19th or early 20th century is okay for me. Out of neccessity I have to limit myself to eras I am interested in. Ideally, yes, I would have loved to have bought everything ever made in 1/72 scale, but I just don't have space, especially for the same old sets over and over (Imp Romans, Nappy French, 100 Years War, etc.) Not that there is anything wrong with those eras. If only people had the same passion for Napoleon III's adventure in Mexico or the Spanish American War or the German Herrero/Hottentot wars, or the Philippine War, etc. I am looking forward to Redbox's Boxer Rebellion, so many uses for each country's army. Is it just me or do those figures seem very similar to Strelets figures.

Did the US Mounted Cavalry sell that poorly or do you just have no interest in the subject? I see so many possibilities to eras you have only tapped into.

Infantry sets are great, but so are support sets. Heliograph operators, accessory/camp sets, Pack mules, donkeys and horses (Oh my!). Oh well, for now, if Russo-Turkish War is interesting to you, I am in support of that. I hope they get the same in-depth treatment that Medievels and Ancient Romans have received. Not just Infantry, but everything else too.

Re: I think either war would be awesome........

For those who are interested in the Russian conquest of Central Asia I would reccomend the Foundry books from Ian Heath. Take a look at this link to see some of the books:

The first one has all the info on the Central Asian tribes which confronted the Russian invaders with description on appearance and the campaigns.

And maybe a regular Afghan army which can fight the Russians in 1885, the Central Asiatic tribes and the British in 1880 would be great!!

For Afghanistan we have Esci British, HAT Indian infantry, Strelets Bengal lancers, Redbox British and Afghan warriors, a lot of metals but no regular army and no Gurkas. So with two sets you can complete a campaign. Ok, maybe some artillery would be nice to

What do you think Strelets, isn't a range of different colonial sets not interesting? As a lot of figures are available you just have to fill the gaps.

BTW, Touareg are a really good idea. We have the FFL and the Zouaves can be painted as Turkos. Your Chasseurs Afrique and then we have some of their enemies.


The Great Game

Excellent post, Uwe. It's illuminating to see what is currently available for a Central Asian/Afghan campaign & what's needed.
When you see what's out there, Strelets could easily complete the range with a few boxes.
And could you imagine a Kim set (from the Rudyard Kipling novel)? The Lama, the Mavericks, the Russian & French spies, bearers & of course Kim himself.
Wouldn't this set the period off?

Re: I think "Canadian Royal Mounted Police / Northwest Frontier" would be awesome........

Well, ditto for me regarding Arlins wishes, too!

In short, I'd love to see the American Civil War Confederate Staff set done, to complete the range ... :-)

I'd also love to see anyone do a set of dismounted U.S. Cavalry ... I'm trying not to beg here.

Annnnnnnnnnd ... I'd going to whisper into your ear for 2 sets of "Royal Canadian Mounted Police" of which you so well do the lancers, in the cool Terracotta Red Color with "Montana Peak Hats", pluuus ...

2 sets with the British "Pill Box Hats" (have I got that right?).

Thank you for listening!

Re: Re: I think "Canadian Royal Mounted Police / Northwest Frontier" would be awesome........

Dismounted, skirmishing ACW/Indian wars cavalry would make my year.

Re: Re: I think "Canadian Royal Mounted Police / Northwest Frontier" would be awesome........

I think for the 1885 Riel Rebellion the "pill box" hats are more accurate than the "Montana" Hats. That is true for the Mounted Police as well as for the various Canadian Militia units that took part. (My own unit played a major role in the campaign.) The advances in photography of the period as well as the relatively limited firepower of the actions allowed action photography that gives amazing images of the campaigns.
David Moore

Dan Candy (Donald Sutherland)

This was a cool film from that era ,i have it only on vhs ntsc,from a closed down mom and pop video store.
Uniforms same era etc looks very authentic