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Re: to strelets

Dear Guy,

1 big CW set
3 Roman sets
2 WWI sets
Further information will follow soon.

Best regards,


To Strelets: Could the big CW set be . . . .

French Cavalry, British Grenadiers, British Light Infantry and Turkish Infantry in Big Box format?

This would be a homerun.

Re: To Strelets: Could the big CW set be . . . .

Since we just got the charge of the light brigade
with extra figures I bet it is the attack on the
great Redan with extra figures.


I like this

Wow Thats a good line up(but santa left (again)).But Strelets seem to give s 3 sets already available and throw us a new set with a big gucci box.

Back to reality I think I may have to use these conversions for an indefinite period (CW French Light Infantry are coverting into Turkish Infantry).

Re: I like this

Hi Hank,

I would prefer to convert Union-Infantry into Turks. There are several types of Infantry uniforms.
Should we start a conquest, converting some figures and sending the photos to Strelets?


Strelets CW stalemate, Metal reinforcements enroute

Hi Uwe, Something is better than nothing.I really get fed up looking at this gaping incomplete CW range. The allies have just too many gaps to line up on a table opposing the Russian figures.

I,ve got some UK metal figs B&B miniatures and have some very hopeful Tumbling Dice figures enroute also(brit artillery).The few Douglas Turkish Inf figures i have are great and bolstered by strelets french Light inf conversions until something better turns up .yet again i'm having to turn and look to metal for what plastics fail to provide.

Like any other force,need to have available conversions for Artillery ,Infantry, cavalry
What are your suggestions for covering these.

Re: Strelets CW stalemate, Metal reinforcements enroute

Hi Hank,

I tried to order BB Crimeans too, but all of them were sold out. I guess you were there before me?

Oh yes, for a complete battle there are still too much gaps. Maybe the charge of the light Brigade is now an option for a diorma.

I have all the Tumbling Dice Crimeans but the Russians have the wrong equipment, the British in Greatcoats are useful for Inkerman but not the Alma.

You have Douglas Turks? Congratulations!! You know I've got the old Minifigs S-range Turkish command figures and I am still waiting for the factory to finish the mould.
Metalfigures are expensive and not so easy to convert. So I am still hoping for Strelets.

Turkish artillery had the same uniformstyle as the infantry, so I would convert them from other Frockcoat-figures too.

Cavalry is a little bid more difficult as we have different uniform-styles of them. Something had a husar-like jacket, others looked a little bid like cossacks. I have to check my uniform-binders here and start making some guys.

BTW, I would like to see your French/Turkish conversions!!


Re: Re: Strelets CW stalemate, Metal reinforcements enroute

Howdy,I have set the French Light Turk converts up in a 90% era ready redoubt,which i need to complete with adding debris accessories . already it is very encouraging.Plenty of firing figures for the parapets.

I guess those must be Mini Figs not Douglas i have ,no markings on bases to refer.I had some mounted one piece cossacks from auction but now i think they are RCW figures.

Charge of the Light Brigade still has No turkish infantry/art (i need to convert artillery for above ),no Chasseurs D'Afrique etc.

Oh b&b(Franco prussian range)the Cavalry suck, figures dont fit horses and need alot of engineering time to fit them. some reason they look like strelets(but in metal).

Tumbling Dice artillery due this week's mail.

various Mule figs coming fRom ebay-world.This will be a pet project to make french zouave ambulance etc.

If only . .

French Cavalry, British Grenadiers, British Light Infantry and Turkish Infantry in Big Box format?

This would be a homerun.(No this would be teh superbowl )

Re: If only . .

If I had to make a guess, it's a Big Box set with French figures. French Light Infantry, Crimean War Zouaves, French Cavalry and a French Command set.

Re: Re: If only . .

...Or maybe Inkerman with some new British infantry...
..light and guards.


Re: Re: If only . .

Jan - You are probably closser to reality than my dream of four new sets in a big box. However, with all the uproar over a set of Turks (me included), I have to think that the next big box will at least contain Turkish infantry.

Re: to strelets

The S*R Team needs to seriously consider more Accessroy sets, as mentioned, such as the Attack on the Great Redoubt.

Whether Marx, Airfix, Revell, S*R, Zvezda, HaT ... etc, accessories should be easy money as they work for so many eras, and all generations of collectors will keep searching for them, even long after us.

Thanks for listening ... :-)

Re: Re: to strelets

Wieh! More ww1:) (i hope infantry this time, or art.)



Re: Re: Hey Dave for some reasons u dont get my emails

Hi dave Im sending you emails but probably it is not c geting through.How you doing?

I agrre with Dave would be nice to see more accesories

Re: Re: Re: Hey Dave for some reasons u dont get my emails

Hi Pavol!

I will send you an e-mail to your address above. Glad to see you back on the forum.

Talk soon!

Re: Re: Re: Hey Dave for some reasons u dont get my emails

Hi again, Pavol!

I sent you an e-mail. The last one I got from you was dated December 10, 2007. Sorry I did not reply sooner - oops!

And continue to send in your comments to this forum. You have a unique and interesting knowledge of military history.

Take care! - Dave

Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey Dave for some reasons u dont get my emails

tanks Dave-too bad my writing is so bad.I speak much bether in english than I write.I wasnt here for quite long.But now Im back and see many new sets.

I have send you email today my good friend.

Re: Re: to strelets

Preach on brother Dave. Accessories indeed in nice soft Strelets plastic would be welcome.