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Re: Re: french grenadiers in great coats

Yes both are realy nice. But I thought the cuirassier 1812 greatcoats were gray, only the carabiniers greatcoat being blue. But maybe I'm wrong.



Re: Re: Re: french grenadiers in great coats

Hi Christiaan,

you are right, outside grey - inside facing colour.


Re: french grenadiers in great coats

on the pixellation,i am trying to replace them with better pics, on the colours thanks,i am afraid my research is somewhat lacking,if i cant find it in any of my ospreys,or after a half hour search on the net,i tend to use the box art,apologies,but i am a primarily a painter.,hows that for a thread anyway

" How acurate is most box art?"


simply soldiers

Re: Re: french grenadiers in great coats

about the greatcoats Tom:

If you have the Osprey about napoleon's Dragoons and lancers, check plate F. It shows a lancer in greatcoat. Although a lancer the colour of the greatcoat would be the same. Don't know which brand of paint you use, but if you use Revell aqua colour I would suggest Staubgrau 77, with a little bit of white to make it lighter.