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Convert Strelets French Light Infantry into CRIMEAN WAR Turkish

I chose to convert these FRENCH Light Infantry with Shako as teh coat seems as close to the Turks as one could get.

I'd rather have Turk Infantry for the 4 years of the war instead of the French Light for 6 months of the war etc.before they became into the line like Emhars.
this is liek a computing "dirty fix".

Nail clippers remove baubel/pom pom .
Clip face and peak off.
Scrape some plastic off near trouser spat area.
Remove shoulder tassels.
Use 3 coats white paint for trousers.
Use white paint for webbing on blue coat.
Paint head wear red, fez.

Not great close up, but on the table with a few 20mm Douglas miniatures interspersed, looks pretty darn good.Go try it yourself. Not very difficult to get the effect.

think I'll get some more LightInfantry sets (the zouaves i'll use/convert as FFL).