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Re: Strelets dont make artillery dude

Dear Hank,

with all due respect, CW has 2 field artillery sets made by ESCI and Emhar (and very good ones!), Romans had their artillery done by HaT, ACW has plenty of artillery sets, GNW has 2 made by ourselves both for the Swedes and Russians, WWI has a few very good sets made by HaT and Emhar.
We admit that, say, the Brits and French CW artillery is underrepresented at the moment and eventually we will fill this gap but we can't do it overnight even with our output. And, yes, the Turks haven't been done yet altogether . We want to make the Turks for the CW so that they at the same time were the signal sets for the subsequent Russo-Turkish war. Most probably they will be released in 2009 with the respective Russian sets to counter them. At the moment we are trying to find a movie "The Road to Sofia" that was made for 100 anniversary of the Bulgaria liberation war that can become a good inspiration for our sculptor to make these sets.



Re: Re: Strelets dont make artillery dude

Dear Strelets,

1877/78 is a great idea for a new range. One of the forgotten wars of the 19th century.

The Road to Sofia? I've never heard about it. Is this movie available as DVD?
Two month ago I've got "Russian Gambit", a movie about the fighting at Plevna with extremly good battleszenes.

BTW, as for Artillery a Cossack-artillery for 1812 would be great


Re: Re: Re: Strelets dont make artillery dude

Dear Uwe,

that was a series made for the 100-year anniversary of the war jointly by Bulgaria and USSR. I saw it only once back in 1978 and 30 years after I still remember it as one of the best war films ever seen (or may be it it's just an imression from childhood?). It was demonstrated on TV and never again. There was no videos at that time, probably that's why one can't find it now.
I share you point of view on the "Turkish Gambit" that is despite being a detective story has also some very good battle scenes. The starting scene of the chase in sunflowers was also very good one.
Thing is that it sometimes requires an inspiration in order to make a certain set, that's why a good movie can a starting point.



Road to Sofia

Wel thanks for the encouraging news.I DO prefer your guns and crews to the other manufacturers.Russo-Turk war super ,onslaughts, bring them on. But Another year oh my gosh that is so-oh depressing.Ah well on the bright side i have got something to grumble about for another year....chuckle

Hey I'll look out for the "Road to Sofia" for you.

Re: Road to Sofia/Patyat kam Sofia, 1979 mini series 5 episodes

Any help ?
The Way to Sofia , Director:Nikolai Mashchenko

Writer:Stefan Dichev (novel)

Release Date:3 March 1979 (Bulgaria)

Genre:Drama / War

Plot Summary:The story takes place during the War between Russia (liberating Bulgaria) and Turkey (trying to keep it enslaved) in the autumn of 1877... more
Plot Keywords:Based On Novel

Cast (Series Cast overview, first billed only)

Georgi Georgiev-Getz ... Kliment Budinov
Peter Slabakov ... Dyako
Konstantin Tsanev ... Andrea Budinov
Pavel Popandov ... Kosta Budinov
Mikhail Golubovich ... Lege
Anna Maria Petrova ... Neda
Lyubomir Kiselichki ... Pozitano
Ivanka Dimitrova
Rachko Yabandzhiev
Ivan Gaydardzhiev
Mikhail Mikhajlov
Stoyno Dobrev
Tzvetana Maneva
Otar Koberidze

Road to Sofia/Patyat kam Sofia, addendum

I emailed these people.
No copy listed on website
but...they may be able to help

The website is
they are closed until 7th January 2008.


By Mail:
BG Media
8576 S. Top of the World
Salt Lake City, UT 84121


Re: Road to Sofia/Patyat kam Sofia, addendum

Thanks Hank!
Your assistance is highly appreciated. It's a pity that we don't have anybody from Bulgaria here, they probably could have an easier access to this movie.


Re: Old Movies

It took me a long time to find the 1966 version of Beau Geste. It has never been commercially reproduced on Beta, VHS, or DVD. By checking eBay, there were one or two movie theater copies of 35mm (?) versions (movie theater media) and one or two 16mm.

Finally someone had recorded it on VHS in the UK off of a public T.V. channel Saturday movie. And then had copied it for UK and US markets on VHS, and sold lots of copies on eBay. Unfortunately, it still has TV commercials.

My point, keep an eye out for TV stations today that would replay the series and record it on your own for free. Most stations/channels have web sites, and you could even request them to show it or at least get an answer. Chances of finding it on 16mm or 35mm are likely pretty slim - but maybe possible if it were distributed to theaters. Being from 1978-1979 the VHS Home Technology didn't really exist yet for making their own cassette tapes. In 1980 you had to rent the machine and the VHS/Beta video together from the shop and hook it up to your T.V. So it will probably need to come from a copy of the original, or a home copy from public TV.

I woke up late one Sunday (here in the U.S. about 1990) and caught the last 20 minutes on the Family Channel (Disney?). I e-mailed them about re-running it, but they simply said "no plans." So I was lucky to find the U.K. copy. So I'm guessing the most realistic chance of getting it, is to find out if it'll ever be on T.V. again, and record it at home, or try to find a movie theater copy from someones library.

Last thought, there are some private movie theater companies that only replay old classics. Try to find if there are some privately owned underground classics only theaters.

Re: Re: Old Movies

Be surprised how many old Russian movies i have.Pretty cheap off ebay and RussianDVD.COM but many are great movies.Wish other countries would do same.

Really fed up with Hollywood.Camera work is terrible,flash ,dash and jerking speeded up to avoid detail and permit commputer enhancement....thats not art.Its phrenetic junk.
ies etc
God knows whta napoleonic movies will will soon see with computer enhancements re 1812 and 1815 anniversar

Re: Re: Re: Old Movies

Dear Hank,

are they all with a translation, let us ask you?


Most are in Russian language, no sub titles

Teh movies are pretty easy to folow.

Re: Re: Road to Sofia/Patyat kam Sofia, Bulgarian forum

I put an open question out on an englesh/ Bulgarian forum.

no userid or password needed .Back to the old waiting game(yet again) .

Re: To strelets More WWI sets

There are another film of that war ,,Geroite na Shipka ´´- ,, WHeroes of Shipka ´´ ERY GOOD Film. I have seen this film 15 times and still enyou when i see it again.

Героите на Шипка (Bulgaria: Bulgarian title)
Geroi Shipki (Soviet Union: Russian title)
Heroes of Shipka (USA)
Shipka Heroes

The film focuses on a key event in the history of Bulgaria - the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation 1877-1878, after which the Bulgarian nation won its Freedom. The film follows the crucial moments of the war. Thousands of extras were used to depict the crossing of the Danube and the battle of Stara Zagora. At Stara Zagora the leading elements of the Russian army the so called Forward squad and the Bulgarian volunteers met the army of generalissimo Suleiman pasha, fought bravely and, after all, were pushed back to the strategic Shipka pass. The defense of the pass in august 1877 proved to be one of the most famous battles, fought on Bulgarian soil. It also became a legendary victory for both the Bulgarians and the Russians. It is, of course, the climax of the film, with vivid battle sequences. The Russo-Bulgarian military comradeship is shown here at its best with a lot of memorable moments. The film then brings us to the siege of Pleven, where the army of marshal Osman pasha was surrounded, and, after several bloody assaults by the Russian forces, eventually was urged to surrender in November 1877. The film also shows the passing of the Balkan mountain range and the march to Constantinople, where, in a small suburb of the Turkish capital, called San Stefano, the cease-fire agreement took place 3.03.1878 and Bulgaria emerged after 500 years of oblivion

BTW strelets still i am asking WWI early war german artillery and marines and colonial set( hät one is terrible)

Re: Re: To strelets More WWI sets

Dear Kert,

we are planning to make several WWI sets in the near future, so some patience please.


Re: Re: Re: To strelets More WWI sets

Good News Strelets :) You're such a great company :)

Re: Geroite na Shipka

this film is shown on russian channel freagunetly And every time i enjoy it more

Re: Re: Geroite na Shipka

I am wondering how many of us are interested in historical movies. I am collecting movies now since 20 years and in the meantime I have nearly 2000 historical/military movies and documentations from all over the world in different languages. But it is still amazing how many "new" things are popping up.

If anybody of you shares the same hobby as me (beside figure collecting) we should exchange our lists to increase our collections?


Re: Re: Re: Geroite na Shipka

BTW, available as DVD:


Re: Re: Re: Re: 1977 and WW1 sets

First for 1977 don't forget romanian forces. They were very strongly present at Plevna among others with 4 infantry divisions and 1 cavalry. They had very colourful units as the Dorobanti and the Elite Rifle Battalions.

For WW1 some french cavalry late war would be great. After all they took Uskub alone. And the long overdue French cavalry for the Cri;eam War.


Happy new year