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Re: Re: Re: To Strelets

Are any periods doing better or worse than others?

Re: Re: Re: Re: To Strelets

Dear Brad,

In short term - very little difference, in longer term - may be, but we aren't that old to draw conclusive statistics on that yet.


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I think it is worth considering making more such specialised sets. I always liked your Crimean war sets but I wasn't really keen to start collecting a new era. That was until I saw the Russian staff and hospital big box and the Into the valley of dead big box. That made me start collecting them and had the benefit that, next to the new sets, I received three older sets. So with both big boxes I had the beginning of the new armies.
I understand that a box with all different poses or a special subject like staff or hospital cannot pay itself back unless you combine them with older sets. But I believe you should not give up on these sets. They can get people interested.
Perhaps it would be an idea to think about big boxes for the GNW. A nice set could really increase sales.
You should also not give up on mounted staff sets. If they only include personalities people will buy one set only. But why not combine like 4-6 personalities with generic generals, ADC's and mounted colonels. That would make people sell more sets.

Many regards

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To Strelets

Dear Pieter,

thank you for your message. "Big Box" concept is not without shortcomings and was often critisized on this forum for that it makes buyers take 4 sets in stead of 1. Although if you are just starting this range, it should be cheaper for you to start with a big box then with a few separate ones. We are planning to expand the big box series for the CW in 2008 with a Heavy Brigade set. We are also considering another one for the Russian army, probably in 2009. By this we want to demonstrate our commitment to make this series as complete as possible bringing the era coverage close to that one of Napoleonics.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To Strelets

As I am collecting not only one box of each set a big box is no problem for me.

My only problem is, that the Russian dragoons 1812 of which I need a lot are only available in big boxes...


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I don't mind the big boxes either; bought 4 of the Borodino sets so far...
I'm with Uwe though- I need lots of Russian dragoons (they had 30+ regts of them) and some hussars and cuirassiers never go awry, but what to do with those Saxons? I had already bought three single boxes, which is really plenty for a single regiment, so now I'm stuck with tons more.
If you do a big box, please only include units that existed in larger numbers.....

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Hi Duco,

I thought about converting them to Saxon Chevaulegers. We need a shako (Esci kneeling French line), the labels can be painted over and the Pallasch converted to a sabre with some hot water. The boots cut off a little bit on the top to make trousers.

What do you think?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To Strelets

Uwe - I think Strelets have missed an opportunity with the Russian Dragoons. I will not buy another set in the Big Box format as I can get the french cuirassiers in other sets now, so until they consider releasing the dragoons (or another type) then my armies will have to be made up of the rather dated HaT set. Which is pure lost sales from my perspective, so I really hope Strelets know what they are doing.